Russia Big news is expected from Putin’s line talk starting at 12 noon, Navalny’s supporters taking to the streets for the “Last Battle”

Putin is expected to promise money and support to those affected by the coronavirus epidemic, but expectations are focused on foreign policy. The state of imprisoned Navalny has deteriorated rapidly due to a hunger strike, while those in power are preparing to defeat Navalny’s organizations and networks by declaring them extremist.


In Russia Wednesday is becoming an important day to look forward to in a nervous mood.

First, the president Vladimir Putin is scheduled to give its annual State of the Nation speech at noon. The speech is significant, so it is closely monitored. Last year, he announced an amendment to the constitution. This year, it has been described as a significant “beginning of a new era”.

A few hours later, dozens of cities start imprisoned opposition politicians Alexei Navalnyin demonstrations organized by related parties. Organizers hope the protests will grow into the biggest years.

There’s a lot at stake in Wednesday’s protests. The Russian authorities are preparing to ban and declare Navalny’s anti-corruption organization FBK and its political network spread across the country as extremist organizations. Supporters can then be sentenced to long prison terms.

Kremlin has signaled in the Russian public that Putin ‘s speech would focus on the coronavirus epidemic, its economic impact and support for those affected. Russian experts interviewed have speculated that he promises more money for families with children and seniors, for example.

In general, however, he has also spoken about foreign policy. This year, that share is expected to be of particular interest, as Russia’s ties to the West have been further tightened due to, among other things, Navalny’s treatment and Russia’s concentration of troops on the Ukrainian border.

In addition, over the weekend, the Czech Republic expelled Russian intelligence officers with diplomatic status because it suspects Russia of involvement in the weapons depression explosions in 2014. Following Russia’s broader counter-deportations, the Czech Republic asked other EU and NATO countries for help. At the same time, doubts grew about Belarus taking a tougher approach to Russia.

It has also been noted that the upper house of Parliament, the Federal Council, is due to meet in plenary on Friday. Its chairman Valentina Matviyenko Has said vaguely due to the presentation of the “new coordination system, but speculation already includes the open deployment of Russian troops to eastern Ukraine or a significant change in relations between Russia and Belarus.

Leading Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is scheduled to arrive in Russia on Thursday, which has sparked speculation.

Navalnyin the inner circle has designated the demonstrations of support, which begin at 7 p.m., as the final battle between good and neutrality. According to the organizers, their main goal is to save Navalny’s life, as he will be “killed before our eyes.”

Navalnyi began a hunger strike nearly three weeks ago because prison authorities did not allow doctors to see him. On Tuesday, lawyers described his condition as “weak”. Already over the weekend, Navalny’s doctors warned his health was deteriorating so fast that he was in danger of death.

Prison authorities announced Monday that Navalnyi will be transferred from his prison to another penitentiary hospital. According to Navalny’s lawyer, it has not changed the situation, as the authorities still do not allow civilian doctors to see Navalny.

Although Navalnyi himself announced on Tuesday that he already looks like a skeleton, he is still alive.

When Representatives of Navalny had reported protests in dozens of cities, the Russian Interior Ministry issued a bulletin urging people to avoid “unauthorized demonstrations”. Already on Tuesday, the police began to bring metal fences to the center of Moscow and St. Petersburg, for example.

In general, the police are supposed to use harsh extracts on Wednesday nights. The first demonstrations will be held in the Russian Far East, so the police’s actions will be understood as early as Moscow time of day.

On Tuesday, police raided Navalny’s regional offices and arrested his allies. Many activists have also been warned about the consequences of participating.

The most pessimistic supporters are already talking about the last protest, as the court is expected to declare the organizations extremist next week. Some local agencies have already begun to prepare for this by removing information from social media and driving activities down in places.

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