Russia Bellingcat: Navalni poisoners overshadowed poet Dmitry Bykov before he got severe symptoms and was plunged into a coma in the spring of 2019

A new report released by the investigation team on Wednesday finds that FSB units that poisoned several opposition figures also moved on the hips of a well-known poet.

Investigative group Bellingcat released on Wednesday statement, according to which Russia’s internal security service FSB poisoning group has traveled in unison poet and satirist Dmitry Bykovin with.

Bykov was hospitalized in April 2019 after receiving severe symptoms on a lecture trip to the city of Epha in Russia. He was persuaded into a coma, and the condition was critical.

According to Bellingcat, the same Alexei Navalnyin familiar from the case poison group moved at the same times and in the same places as Bykov between May 2018 and April 2019. Two members of the FSB group spent the night with Bykov in Novosibirsk on 13 April.

The next day Bykov flew to Ekaterinburg and the next to Ephesus. On the latter flight, he began to vomit uncontrollably and eventually lost consciousness.

In hospital he was treated according to an unknown “bacterial poisoning”. As part of the treatment, he was afflicted with a coma.

Authorities opposed the transfer, but at the request of his colleagues, he was eventually transferred from Efa to a neurological institute in Moscow for treatment.

The cause of the sudden symptoms was never clarified, even though Bykov was repatriated on April 26th.

A chemical weapons expert interviewed by Bellingcat says Bykov’s severe symptoms could be explained by organophosphate poisoning.

Bellingcatin according to Bykov, the presumed poisoning is very similar to the Navalny case: the same people watching for a long time, a similar outbreak of symptoms, and opposition from the authorities to transfer to a better health care unit.

Bykov is a well-known Russian writer, poet and journalist. He is valued as a literary critic and satirist.

He has spoken openly against the Russian regime, and, for example, twice refused an invitation to meet with Putin as he receives the Russian cultural elite.

Bykov is an active opposition activist, and in the opposition coordination election in 2012, he received the second most votes after Navalny.

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