Russia At least 14 people have died and dozens stuck in a coal mine in Siberia, high methane content makes rescue work difficult

Coal dust caught fire in a mine in central Siberia. The evacuation is in progress.

At least 14 people have died and dozens have been stuck in a coal mine in Kemerovo, Siberia, regional authorities said on Thursday, according to the news agency Reuters.

Coal dust caught fire in an air duct in the Listvjažnaya mine, and the mine’s air was filled with smoke, rescue workers said according to the news agency Tassi. Authorities have not confirmed the cause of the fire.

According to the authorities, the mine had about 285 workers at the time of the fire, of which 239 survived on the surface. 11 people have been found dead, and 46 are still underground.

In addition, three rescue workers sent to the mine have died during Thursday.

Area the governor Sergei Tsivilevin the rescue operation had to be suspended on Thursday due to a dangerously high mine methane concentration. At the same time, three rescue workers were also reported missing.

“The chance of an explosion is very high. We have decided to suspend the search and rescue operation until the gas concentration drops, ”Tsivilev says.

Committee of Inquiry said earlier Thursday that an evacuation operation was underway in the snow.

Dozens of workers have been taken to hospital due to, among other things, carbon monoxide poisoning.

“According to preliminary data, several workers suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. The number of victims is still being specified, ”the committee wrote in a statement.

According to Tsivilev, heavy smoke has escaped from the mine, but those inside cannot be contacted.

“We have no channel of communication with these people. The underground communication system is not working. ”

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