Russia Army troops begin construction of railroad in Russia’s Far East as corona restrictions cut foreign labor

Russian railways have lost thousands of foreign workers due to interest rate restrictions.

Russia intends to take military troops to help build a railway in the country’s Far East. Soldiers are needed as labor because the corona pandemic has limited access to foreign labor.

Deputy Minister for Construction Services Nikita Stasishin already warned last year that construction projects could be delayed because many foreign workers have left Russia due to interest rate restrictions.

Now Russia plans to spend more than six trillion rubles, or about 65 billion euros, to improve the country’s infrastructure. As part of the plan, the Baikal-Amur line will be expanded to transport coal and metal to ports.

According to the Ministry of Defense, military forces will begin building a new 340-kilometer section on the track between Ulak and Fevralsk this year.

Russian according to the state railway company, the military forces involved in the construction work are paid in the same way as subcontractors normally.

“They have [armeijalla] there is a certain capacity and we need to put it in use, ”Deputy General Manager of Russian Railways Andrei Makarov says.

According to Makarov, the company has a shortage of about 3,000 to 4,000 employees due to interest rate restrictions. Utilization of the army will cost the company about 2.5–3 billion rubles, or about 27–32.4 million euros.

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