Russia A large fire broke out in the oil depot in Bryansk, Russia

The fire has not been confirmed to be related to the war in Ukraine.

In Russia A large fire broke out in the oil depot in the city of Bryansk early Monday morning, according to the news agency Reuters. Reuters bases its information on Russian news agencies.

Bryansk is located on the western border of Russia. The region serves as a logistical base for Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. According to AFP, the warehouse is part of the Družba oil pipeline network.

The fire has not been confirmed to be related to the war in Ukraine.

According to AFP, the fire broke out in a warehouse owned by Transneft. The company is responsible for oil transmission in Russia. The warehouse is located about 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Other among others, the Belarusian opposition media Nexta Live broadcast videos on Monday on its Telegram channel that allegedly depict the Bryansk fire. In the videos, the flames rise to a height of many meters and a large cloud of smoke rises above the tops of the trees. In the photo shared by the media, a cloud of smoke from the fire spreads over the city skyline.

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The cause of the fire was not known early Monday morning. Russian authorities say they are investigating the cause of the fire.

Authorities said no people were injured in the fire. According to them, there was no need for evacuations. The city is home to about 400,000 people.

The Ukrainian authorities had not commented on the fire or its possible cause of ignition on Monday, half a day before Finnish time.

Russia has argued previouslythat Ukraine would have struck in the Bryansk region. At that time, about a week and a half ago, the governor of the Bryansk region Aleksandr Bogomaz claimed that Ukraine had fired at both the border post and the small town of Klimovo. In addition, Bogomaz claimed that Ukraine had attacked Klimovo by helicopter. According to Russia, seven people were injured in the attack.

The Ukrainian government’s anti-disinformation unit told news agency Reuters that Russia’s security services had staged a “terrorist attack” to blame Ukraine.

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There have been several fires in Russia during the week. Thursday a fire broke out both in Tver, less than 200 kilometers northwest of Moscow, and in Kineshma, about 400 kilometers northeast of Moscow.

A fire broke out in Tver at the Space Research and Air Defense Research Center and at the Kinešma chemical plant. According to Tass, the cause of the first ignition was related to the treatment of acetone. The reason for the second is being clarified.

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