Russia A criminal politician who has fallen from the Kremlin’s popularity is being sent as an ambassador to Africa

Natalia Poklonskaya was the only MP in the ruling party to oppose Putin’s pension reform.

Once Served as a prosecutor in Russian-occupied Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya was appointed Russian ambassador to Cape Verde on Wednesday. Pest is said to report that Poklonskaya, 41, has lost the popularity of the Kremlin.

Poklonskaya, who turned his back on the Ukrainian government, was named the leading prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea in 2014, after Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula. He strongly defended the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Poklonskaya, who appeared in the prosecutor’s uniform at her first press conference, became an internet phenomenon, especially among the Japanese, which was turned into anime-style fan art.

Russian Poklonskaya, who became popular with the regime, was elected to the Russian State Duma in 2016 from the United Russia ruling party. However, his voting behavior and sometimes strong statements eroded his position.

In 2018, Poklonskaya was the only Member of Parliament for a United Russia to vote for the president Vladimir Putin against the administration’s unpopular increase in retirement age.

The Kremlin did not want Poklonskaya to seek an extension in the Duma in this year’s election. Instead, he received an ambassador’s mail to Cape Verde, an island nation on the west coast of Africa with about 550,000 inhabitants. Pesti takes him far from the focus of Russian politics.

The United States and Poklonskaya, on the EU sanctions list because of her Crimean times, said on Instagram that the appointment is “a great honor”.

Poklonskaya has profiled himself as Russia’s last tsar, executed in 1918 Nicholas II’s as an admirer, and has carried this portrait in the parade of Victory Day.


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