Running Sifan Hassan set a new 10,000-meter record in more than ten seconds

Dutchman Sifan Hassan was in the top draw at the Games in Hengelo.

Dutch endurance runner Sifan Hassan was not content with a small record improvement in the 10,000-meter athletics run, but set a previous world record by more than ten seconds.

Hassan ran a 25-lap world record in his homeland Hengelo on 29.06.82.

“Running a record here in Hengelo is something I could only dream of. I’m happy to be able to share the record in front of Dutch fans, ”Hassan said BBC’s by.

Ethiopian-born Hassan moved to the Netherlands at the age of 15 in 2008 and acquired Dutch citizenship in 2013.

Former ME was from Ethiopia Almaz Ayanan 29.17.45, which would shine for Olympic gold less than five years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

On Sunday, Hassan, 28, showed his pace that he must take the trip to the Olympic success in late summer in Tokyo.

In Hengelo, he didn’t get a challenger, but he was on top of the track even in his top level. My record improved by half a minute.

Hassan is a versatile runner, as in Doha in 2019 he won World Cup gold in addition to ten by 1,500 meters.



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