Rugby | World champion seriously injured by steel gun escapes hospital: “I don’t hate them”

Teenage robbers hit Toutai Kefua in the lower abdomen with a steel gun.

Rugby world champion Toutai Kefu has gotten home from the hospital, AFP news agency reported on Friday. Kefu was hospitalized early Monday morning when he was hit with a knife in his lower abdomen during a robbery attempt.

Kefu, 47, woke up early to the uproar caused by three robbers at his home in Brisbane, Australia. Kefu, who is currently coaching the Tongan national team, fought tears on Friday when he reported the incident in his backyard.

“I’m grateful we all got out,” Kefu, who is recovering from the surgery, told reporters, referring to his wife, son and daughter who were injured in the robbery.

Rachelwife and children Josh and Madi received injuries requiring hospitalization, such as wounds and incisions, in connection with the robbery attempt. They were also cut.

“We are still alive. I think the first step is to go home and move on one day at a time. It was a traumatic event, so the process will be slow. ”

Police has arrested four suspects between the ages of 13 and 15 for the case. They broke into Kefu’s home with the intention of stealing the family car.

“When I came downstairs, I saw how young they were. I was shocked, ”Kefu said.

Preliminary data after the incident said there were three robbers armed with an ax, a knife and a jungle knife.

“I don’t hate them, I also have a 15-year-old child. I am sorry for them. ”

Kefu said his wife is still in hospital.

“The doctor told him that if the blade had been sharper, it would have cut his hand completely off. Now the bone stopped the blade. ”

Tongan-born Kefu played 60 matches on the Australian rugby team at the turn of the millennium and was winning World Cup gold for the country in 1999.



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