Royal Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, who is celebrating her birthday alone, thanked the people for their congratulations and condolences, the anniversary fell in the middle of a period of mourning

The Queen of Britain turns 95 years old. Birthdays coincide with a two-week mourning period commemorating the late Prince Philip.

Britannian queen Elizabeth II turns 95 today. The queen will celebrate her birthday in complete silence at Windsor Castle, and no glorious shots will be heard in London, news agencies Reuters and AFP report.

The Queen’s birthday falls in the middle of a two-week royal mourning period. Queen’s long-term spouse Prince Philip died on Friday, April 9th.

Although Elizabeth II returned to her public office just a few days after her husband’s death, the audience only saw her for the first time at Prince Philip’s funeral last Saturday. Due to the coronavirus, only 30 loved ones were able to attend the memorial service.

Birthdays in honor of Queen Elizabeth II made her first public statement on Wednesday since Philip’s death. In a press release at Buckingham Palace, the Queen said she has received a number of congratulations on her anniversary, which she greatly appreciates.

In addition, the Queen thanked the people for the support and kindness shown in recent days. Tributes in memory of Prince Philip have, according to the Queen, been a “great consolation” to him and the royal family in the midst of a “period of great sorrow”.

“We are deeply moved and receive constant reminders of how special an impact Philip had on numerous people throughout her life,” the queen said, according to Reuters.

Royal horsemen arrive at Windsor Castle for glorious shots. The shots of honor commemorated Prince Philip on his funeral day on April 17th.­

Also The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson sent warm congratulations to the Queen.

“I have always admired greatly his altitude and his service to this country and the civil community. I am proud that I can serve his Prime Minister, “Johnson wrote on Twitter.

Queenly April birthdays are also usually celebrated at a rather modest expense. The reason is the bolder birthday in June.

Elizabeth II was born in central London on April 21, 1926, but her official birthday is celebrated grandly every second Saturday in June. The royal tradition dates back to the 18th century.

Queen Elizabeth II unexpectedly became queen in 1952 at the age of only 25. In September 2015, Elizabeth II made history as the longest-serving monarch in Britain when she broke her grandmother’s Queen Victoria’s record.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had time to be married for more than 73 years before the prince’s death. According to British newspapers, members of the royal family plan to visit the queen in the coming days to make sure she is not left alone with her grief, Reuters says.

Buckingham Palace President has declined to comment on the issue to news agencies, arguing that all post-funeral family matters are private.

The older royals have admitted that Philip’s departure left a “huge vacuum” in the queen’s life. According to AFP, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Joe Little however, has estimated that the Queen’s “personal shock” will not affect her job role.

“There is a public queen and a private queen, and she is adept at separating them into different compartments.”

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