Ropecon | A man from Pori has been dressing up for ten years and makes his own clothes – Misunderstandings arise in hardware stores

The role-playing event Ropecon broke its visitor record set last year already on Saturday. The guests were fantasy characters from Dr. Conirutto to Pahattare.

Role playing event Ropecon opened on Friday and gathered a large number of people interested in role-playing, board games and other games in Helsinki Messuhalli.

The theme this time is past and future. It can also be seen in the outfits of the participants in the event, among which there are plenty of historical and futuristic ensembles. There is an elf, a bad girl, a different type of warrior and a manga character.

A person from Pori especially catches the eye from the crowd Timo Koivu. He is dressed as Doctor Conirutto. The character is influenced by the historical plague doctor.

Many people ask to photograph Koivu inside the event. Outside the exhibition hall, the outfit gathers wondering looks.

Timo Koivu from Pori has been dressing up at Ropecon events for ten years. This time he arrived as a Conirutto doctor with a message: “Stop conirutto, wash your hands”.

Birch is a long-term enthusiast. He says that he has been attending Ropecon events for ten years in the Cosplay mind. Cosplay, dressing up as different characters, attracts Koivu because he thinks it’s a great way to combine skills from different fields.

While working on costumes, you can sew, make armor from foam or paper by folding and curing with resin.

“Going to a hardware store and asking for fiberglass resin has its own charm. The salesman asks for a boat or a car, and I answer that for a breastplate,” says Koivu.

“I love dressing up and I always overdo it.”

Iines Kinnunen (left), 11, from Espoo, dressed up as Iines the Donald Duck. He got the idea from his own name. “I love dressing up and I always go overboard,” says Kinnunen. Iiris Vihonen, 13, from Kauniai, says that dressing up is a tradition for him and his family. Dad also likes Ropecon and figure games. Vihonen’s character is a dragon from the Legends & Dragons role-playing game named Louhelainen.

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Sini Heli (left), 12, is dressed as Madoka Kaname, a character from the Japanese Mahō shōjo Madoka Magica anime series. The outfit was ordered from a cosplay store. Luna Arhokari, 16, is in the event as Lapis Lazuli, a character in the American animated series called Steven Universe. Arhokari masked his skin blue with eyeshadow.

Ropecon is setting a new visitor record this year. The event gathered a record 5,900 visitors last year.

This year’s goal is 7,000 visitors. According to the main organizers, there were already an estimated 5,900 visitors on Saturday afternoon.

“The character is a fairy of darkness. He likes to eat children.”

Selene Anttila from Tampere has named her character Malice. In Finnish, it could be something like Pahatar. “The character is a fairy of darkness. He likes to eat children”.

The guest of honor at Ropecon this year is a German figure painting pioneer Roma Lappat and the board game review program Shut Up & Sit Down.

Europe’s largest role-playing event organized by volunteers is a three-day event and continues until Sunday. This year’s Ropecon is the thirtieth in a row.

Konsta Skog, 13, from Lohja (left), Aale Viljakainen, 13, from Tuusula and Timi Leppäkases, 17, from Raisio are dressed in fur suits, i.e. fluffy animal costumes. They are self-designed characters that are combinations of animal and human. Skog, Viljakainen and Leppäkases emphasize that the figures’ heads are not mass-produced, but are handmade.

Ropecon at the Helsinki Fair Center on 30.7. until.

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