Ronaldinho’s son about to follow in his father’s footsteps



Ronaldinho, in Quito.

Ronaldinho, in Quito.

In Spain they talk a lot about that option.

the figure of Ronaldinho It is unforgettable for football Brazil and of the world. His goals and his plays are still in the minds of the fans, who were delighted with them.

Ronaldinho hasn’t let go of the ball, he’s still aware of the football planet and today there’s talk that his inheritance could be very interesting.

(Strong reaction from Antonela Roccuzzo after Shakira’s strong song to Piqué)
(Gerard Piqué, after Shakira, receives a second blow in less than 24 hours)

At least that is clear from the information that arrives in which Joao Mendes de Assis Moreira, 17 years old, your son, can become part of the Barcelona, club in which his father shone.

the same representative

The young player no longer belongs to the Cruzeiro do Brasil squad and it is estimated that he is about to join the Catalan club for trials.

The media assure that Ronaldinho’s son underwent some tests and that he will be part of the lower divisions of Barcelona.

Roberto de Assis He is the representative, the same one who did the task with Ronaldinho, which indicates that he has enough experience to negotiate.

“It was always my dream and it should be his dream too, to have a player son,” said the youngster in an interview with Radio Itatiaia.
(Piqué, betrayed by his mother? Unexpected reaction to Shakira’s strong song) (In Arabia they want Messi: this is the juicy offer for the Argentine)

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