Roller skiing A bad assessment error led to a dangerous mass crash on roller skis: “Rumination of what I’ve seen”

In Otepää, Estonia, malevolent falls were seen at a rapid pace.

22.8. 15:56

Italian Francesco Becchisin a bad assessment error caused a dangerous mass crash in the roller skiing world cup in otepää, estonia, on saturday.

As the men fell in one cluster, Becchis suddenly decided to change the line from the edge to the middle of the group.

However, there was no space and Becchis crashed, taking numerous other skiers with him.

The Norwegian roller skating team shared a video of the situation on Instagram.

“Hopefully we will never see such behavior again. This sport is not about playing with the health of others. This could have ended really badly, but according to the information, no one was seriously injured, ”the video states.

Becchis apologized for what happened in the Stories section of Instagram.

“I saw a space between two skiers, and I tried to move there. I misjudged, and there was less space than I thought, ”he explained.

From a Norwegian ski expert From Petter Skinstad no understanding of the Italian awakened.

“That’s the ugliest I’ve seen on roller skis. The guilty idiot should be punished harder than mere rejection, as this could have led to serious injuries and deaths, ”he wrote on Twitter.



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