Road safety The need for a promo limit for cycling and electric kickboarding is to be clarified

The statements also called for a new road safety strategy to penalize cyclists for driving while intoxicated.

Cyclists and the driving condition of electric kickboarders may be monitored more closely from now on.

The need for a promo limit and drug tests for cycling and electric kickboarding was highlighted in several statements the Ministry of Transport and Communications received from the draft road safety strategy.

For example, the National Board of Police, the Finnish Bicycle Association and Liikenneturva have also pushed for limits on cycling.

The draft road safety strategy for 2022-2026 contains a wide range of measures to reduce road deaths and accidents.

In June The draft opinion on improving cycling safety stated the following:

“The Road Traffic Act will be amended to allow police to prohibit and, if necessary, prevent the driving of any vehicle, such as a bike or electric kickboard, if intoxication clearly affects the driver’s ability to drive.”

No actual percentages, tests or sanctions were presented, but they were also mentioned in the statements.

“Many indeed, the party was in favor of a per-mile limit for cycling as well, ”says the department head Laura Eiro from the Ministry of Transport and Communications to HS.

“We will take the feedback into account when we prepare the actual draft Government decision-in-principle on the strategy at the turn of the year,” says Eiro.

Thus, the criminalization of driving intoxicated until the law is not progressing in the near future.

“We are evaluating in further work on how to proceed with the per mille limit. One option is to have the matter investigated, ”says Eiro.

Discussion of cycling and especially electric kickboarding security has been abundant since their generalization.

Cyclists were the first to talk about the possible per-mile limit Evening News.

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