Road cycling Police search for the spectator who caused the Tour de France mass crash – the culprit disappeared with little noise

The Tour de France will take legal action against the incident.

Road cycling A tour around France is looking for the viewer who caused the mass crash, a French newspaper L’Equipe news.

The gendarmerie of the municipality of Landerneau has asked eyewitnesses for observations of a woman in a yellow jacket moving with a sign, who was removed from the scene after a crash.

The accident happened on the first leg of the Tour de France on Saturday when a woman posed on the side of the road too close to cyclists and hit a driver at the top of the main group. To Tony Martin.

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Tour de France takes legal action, he says Cycling News site.

“We are suing this ill-behaved woman for justice,” the race director Pierre-Yves Thouault uhosi.

The race safety manager reminded fans of the rules, such as staying on the sidelines and not taking selfie photos.

“We want to ensure that competition is not disrupted by inappropriate behavior from a small minority of viewers,” he commented.

Mass crash caused injuries to many competitors and also significantly affected the competitive balance.

Finished sixth in last year’s round Miguel Ángel López lost in a rush for nearly two minutes. The third and Nelonen in 2019 experienced the same fate Steven Kruijswijk and Emmanuel Buchmann.

The fastest in the first stage was the French Julian Alaphilippe. The Tour de France runs a total of 21 stages. The competition ends on July 18 in Paris.



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