Road cycling Joonas Henttala finally took the Finnish championship and praised the hard-experienced silversmith as a “decent moped”

20.6. 16:48

Experienced professional cyclist Joonas Henttala On Sunday, he aired the first Finnish road race of his career (171 km) at the Hakunila Sports Park in Vantaa.

Henttala also delighted many race organizers, as his club IBD Cycling was one of the three hosts of the Finnish Championships.

“The shirt feels insanely good, I’ve been trying this for a really long time. Adding to the feeling of well-being has been a difficult year. I put all my energy into this day. Now there was a route worthy of the Finnish Championships, where a decent race was run. I was waiting for the solution to the end, where I was able to set off the profit, ”29-year-old Henttala said in a press release.

Profit was in the last tens of kilometers en route to two shops, while Henttala and Ukko Peltonen escaped from a larger detachment group.

Peltonen first got a little out of the group, and Henttala hit.

In the last lap of 14 kilometers, Peltonen tried several times to hit the run, but Henttala followed effortlessly. In the final letter, Henttala was clearly stronger, although neither is in the reputation of an actual chimpanzee.

“I have to say that Husband is sick strong. A decent moped brings that man. In the end, I had to save a little energy when my legs started to cramp. Luckily, I was able to gather that much strength and save everything for the faulty mile. Then I got a receipt this time, ”said Henttala, whose spouse is Finland’s most successful cyclist in recent years, in a broadcast by Ruudu and ISTV. Lotta Henttala.

Peltonen won two silver medals in these Finnish Championships. In Friday’s time trial, he felt tough. He was progressing to victory but crashed in the final straight and also received a 30-second time penalty after driving on the wrong side of the roundabout. A loss to the winner To Matti Hietajärvi came in 17 seconds.

On Sunday, Peltonen drove his left leg wrapped in a bandage.

The bronze for the road trip was awarded more than two and a half minutes from the top two Antti-Jussi Juntunen.

Women The 100-kilometer highway was driven on Saturday, winning two IK-32 club drivers in a church battle Antonia Gröndahl before Minna-Maria Kangasta.

Finnish Road Cycling Championships:

Men, 171 km: 1) Joonas Henttala IBD Cycling 4.04.32, 2) Ukko Peltonen Akilles GT 2 seconds behind, 3) Antti-Jussi Juntunen Akilles GT –2.34 (22 years old), 4) Riku Övermark JurvV, 5) Anders Bäckman IBD Cycling all the same time, 6) Jaakko Sillankorva Achilles GT –2.40 (22 years old), 7) Markus Auvinen Idrottsklubben-32 –2.47, 8) Markus Knaapi Idrottsklubben-32 –3.00 (22 years old), 9) Sauli Pietikäinen TWD-Länken same time, 10) Veeti Vainio Akilles GT –4.18 (22 years old).



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