Road cycling A 13-year-old junior cyclist fighting a brain tumor got to meet the winner of a tour of France and share his dreams

This at the beginning of the year with a 13-year-old English junior cyclist Evie Hartley was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

Evie, who is very popular in her cycling club, has received severe drug treatment after diagnosis and has been in the hospital for long periods.

As word of this spread, Ineos Grenadiers of the UK, one of the top stables for professional cycling, decided to surprise Evie. He got to meet remotely his favorite driver, a Welsh French tour winner (2018) Geraint Thomasia.

He tells about it Cycling Weekly.

Twosome rode a shared virtual bike ride using the Zwift app. During the run, Evie told Thomas about his dream of getting a ride on the famous Alpe d’Huez in France, where one of the most iconic climbs around France has been driven many times.

A video posted by Ineos Grenadiers on Twitter tells us that despite her illness, Evie has occasionally got on the back of a bike after enduring.

Evie also asked Thomas for tips on how to become a professional cyclist.

“Talk to people as much as you can, ride your bike as much as you can, and enjoy it. You already seem to have the right attitude. When you become a professional, I can comment on your performance, when I retired, “Thomas encouraged the juniors.

Thomas welcomed Evi to meet the entire Ineos team. “Keep fighting, and all the best.”

Evi’s cycling club Ilkeston CC has launched a fundraising campaign, the proceeds of which will go to the foundation, which selects research focusing on cancer treatment for children and young people, according to Evi’s choice.

Source: Cycling Weekly

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