Road accidents Intoxicants are not suspected of having played a role in the Espoo safety road accident, in which a child of primary school age died – Technical Board finds out whether the intersection could be improved

There were no additional vegetation or other obstructions at the intersection.

Western Uusimaa The police have continued to investigate the traffic accident in the Middle Coast of Espoo on Friday. A primary school child died at the scene of an accident.

A child on a bicycle was crossing a sheltered road as the driver of a turning truck drove over the child.

Police have no doubt that the intoxicants played a part in the accident.

“With these prospects, the preliminary investigation will take a few months. Preliminary talks have been made, and the exact course of the situation is currently being outlined, ”the investigating director commented in the press release. Hannu Kontola.

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Both drove to the green lights in the situation. The police are investigating the matter at this stage as a death penalty as well as endangering traffic safety.

Espoo the technical board will review the accident at its meeting on May 5th. Director of Urban Technology Harri Denmark says the event is so shocking that everyone wants to find out if there is anything to do at the intersection.

No obvious rehabilitation site has been observed at the intersection. There are no abundant bushes or other obstructions in the intersection area, as the junction is relatively new and takes less than 10 years to trade.

“There is no plant plant between the roadway and the light traffic track,” Denmark says.

Espoo clears overgrown lichens from junction areas in late summer, when the vegetation is rampant at its peak.

Vegetation clearing does not eliminate the vision problems that drivers of large vehicles always have.

On Monday, one person died in Tampere in a traffic accident similar to the one in the Middle Coast of Espoo. An elderly walker was left under a truck turned to the right.

“The driver sees the side from a side window about a meter and a half away. It can be difficult to spot adults, let alone children, ”says Denmark.

Heavy vehicle drivers are therefore required to be particularly careful at intersections.

It has already been recorded on social media to consider how sensible it is for a reversing vehicle and light traffic passengers to be given the green light at the same time. There was no malfunction in the traffic lights in the Espoo accident.

In a similar way, driving control is arranged in different parts of Finland. Denmark says that the light control or other intersection arrangements at the Espoo junction do not differ from those in the rest of Finland.

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