Review At Biden’s inaugural gala concert, an attempt was made to make sure no one gets in a bad mood

In his own term, Barack Obama showed how an integral part of music can be the identity of the president. Biden also brought a diverse group of artists to his inauguration.

Music was in a big role when Barack Obama was elected in 2009 for his first term as President of the United States. Music was used to support the image of change.

Past presidents had relied mainly on the white classic in their campaigns rock. Bill Clinton promoted by Fleetwood Mac Don’t stop to the beat George W. Bushilla was Tom Pettyn I Won’t Back Down.

Barack Obama instead used emphatically black music. Soul classics like Stevie Wonderin Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Obama also took the habit of publishing playlists that found rap music, for example. Themes featured in the rap, such as racism and cultural politics, supported Obama’s presidential image.

Indeed, music became an integral part of Obama’s presidential identity. Researcher in an article published by Cambridge University Press Dana Gorzelany-Mostak writes that Obama managed to connect with music for both black and female voters.

It was easy for Obama to stand out, as the music choices of previous presidents were kindly very boring, one-sided, and safe. Obama probably permanently changed the way music is used in campaigns and events. Versatile, taking into account different ethnic backgrounds and identities.

Obama also got recognized bands behind him more easily than many other presidents.

Obaman by law Joe Biden it was not difficult to persuade front-line artists to inaugurate the celebrations.

Their theme was a united nation.

Already during the day’s inauguration Jennifer Lopez presented Woody Guthrien song This Land is Your Land, which George HW Bush for example, has used in its campaign in its time. In the hands of Lopez, a Puerto Rican background, the message of the song turned to emphasize unity despite different backgrounds. During the song, Lopez also uttered the remainder of the U.S. flagship in Spanish: “One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all.”

Garth Brooks spun around presenting Amazing Gracen and forgot to greet Obama and other acquaintances for so long that he had to run back inside the House of Congress in the middle of the very next speech. As such, it was amusing to see a little spontaneity in an otherwise rigid institution.

Lady Gaga was honored to sing the American National Anthem.­

So too during the day Lady Gaga performed the American National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner. Gaga’s interpretation was downright joyful, and exuded an undisguised enthusiasm for a change of power.

Inauguration day culminated in a mission sent from the Lincoln Memorial and Tom Hanksin to date Celebrating America program, which had been designed to be so extreme that no one would be left in a bad mood.

The evening was rightly opened by an interpreter from a North American workforce Bruce Springsteen with a song Land of Hope and Dream. There were few in Springsteen who appeared directly from the memorial. Most of the performances were recorded in advance.

Bruce Springsteen appeared next to the Lincoln Memorial.­

Between musical performances, the program saw inserts filmed across the United States about people from different backgrounds, age groups, and professions. Garbage drivers, messengers, nurses, astronauts. The working class was taken into account, but the great American dreams of conquering space were not forgotten.

However, identity and gender were perhaps seen as too fiery in a broadcast for the unity of the people, as sexual minorities were not specifically addressed or taken into account.

Justin Timberlake performed in Memphis.­

Every musical performance and song selection underlined that a new time is now beginning: Better days are coming, sang Justin Timberlake and Ant Clemons.

Jon Bon Jovi performed a Beatles classic from the Miami wharf in sober sunshine Here Comes the Sun. and looked up with a smile towards the sun. Instead of a musical offering, the song focused on making sure no one forgets to smile when playing.

Jon Bon Jovi sang the Beatles on the dock in Miami.­

Foo Fighters Times Like These was the band’s guaranteed stadium rock pumping, which had been exaggerated just right, and the performance was dramaturgically functional. Dave Grohl initially performed only with the keyboardist, until the rest of the band joined the final climax of the song to beat and grimace all the grimaces that have been missed at the gigs because of the corona.

Often Republican-favored country artists had also been included. From Nashville Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw performed an upper middle class down jacket country. Texas-based Black Pumas performed a full-bodied combination of soul, gospel and blues Colorsin.

Musically the evening was an old-fashioned safe choice combined with Obama’s ethos emphasizing diversity. Crossing the middle road without risks.

DJ Cassidyn The Pass the Mic issue was heard Luis Fonsi singing Despacitoa. Yolanda Adams presented Hallelujah, John Legend in turn Nina Simonen made known Feeling Goodin: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…

Yeah, it became clear!

At the party, Biden himself was in a prominent side role. He is not as charismatic a speaker or performer as Obama. He is subject to so much good will and expectation that many are willing to speak and speak for him, to make up for his shortcomings for a common goal.

Biden has a lot to redeem after these parties. As well as the vice president Kamala Harris that Biden gave speeches in the broadcast emphasizing unity. The feeling and concern for a divided people is obviously hard, but the problem is Trumpia bigger and deeper. The united nation that Biden envisions may be a very distant utopia.

The joint appearance of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama seen on the program was reminiscent of how exceptional Donald Trump’s season was. The trio’s performance underscored unity across party boundaries and Trump’s outside in this political ethos. It was also reminiscent of the state of disintegration of Republicans. Trump was in many ways an incomprehensible president until the last meters of his term, but there are also tens of millions of Americans behind him.

Lovely Day was chosen for Demi Lovato to perform.­

Finally Demi Lovato sang still Lovely Dayn, during which Biden and his family were seen freezing by the fireplace. The Americans are familiar with the syrup, which again ran well over the crustaceans, but perhaps the program had to be built just that melodramatically.

The program culminated Katy Perryn to present For firework, during which, of course, huge fireworks exploded above the monument. Hopefully, spectacular celebrations will be followed by equal acts.

Fireworks were seen in the background of Katy Perry’s performance.­

Correction 21.1. at 3:43 p.m .: The name of the Springsteen song is Land of Hope and Dreams, not Land of Broken Dreams.


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