Restrictions Will the hobbies of children and young people be closed in Uusimaa? Husin Mäkijärvi: “I’m not sure if the health benefits outweigh the disadvantages”

The closure of the recreational facilities for children and young people in the metropolitan area is likely to be outlined on Tuesday. The closure decision could be completed next week.

10.1. 18:18

Junior and the fate of young recreational facilities will be outlined in the metropolitan corona coordination group probably on Tuesday. The Finnish government recommended a complete closure on Friday.

Husin vt. CEO and member of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group Markku Mäkijärvi does not see restricting the hobbies of children and young people as a very effective measure.

“In my world, blocking the hobbies of children and young people is a plus-minus-limiting action. I am not sure whether its health benefits outweigh the social disadvantages, ”says Mäkijärvi.

According to Mäkijärvi, the increase in the number of infections and patients is likely to increase for another two to three weeks.

“If you start by all means to lower the tsunami, it’s one way but only one.”

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According to Mäkijärvi, children and young people have had little harm from corona infections on average, the disease has usually been mild and has been treated at home.

“It’s contagious, but now you can get it almost anywhere,” says Mäkijärvi, referring to the self-transformation.

Junior and restricting the activities of young people would be a complete change of line in the metropolitan area.

On Monday, as well as Helsinki’s Director of Social and Health Services Juha Jolkkonen the mayor Juhana Vartiainen The (Kok) Chancellery stated to HS that restricting the activities of children and young people had been a last resort and that the principle had not changed.

This is the principle of children and young people first, which is consistently emphasized by both Helsinki and other municipalities that decide on interest rate restrictions in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The mayor of Vantaa also evaluates Ritva Viljanen (sd).

Thus, the barrier should really benefit the retention of the coronavirus omicron transformation and be minimal in its side effects. In particular, the Department of Health and Welfare’s assessment of the effects of the lock is emphasized, Viljanen predicts.

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Hobbies The Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) would decide on a supranational full lockout in Uusimaa. On Monday afternoon, the avi was still waiting for a letter from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the subject.

“I don’t think it’s possible for the Hus area decision to come on Thursday. On Friday, or maybe next week, if the decision were to be changed, ”says Avin’s chief inspector. Oona Mölsä.

With this wound, the avi has decided that otherwise closed facilities can be used for the activities of children and young people born in 2003 and younger.

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Finland the decision to close recreational facilities recommended by the government would also be, according to Mölsä, “a restriction that has a strong impact on the lives of children, the most recent of which has been emphasized throughout the epidemic”.

“Statements should advocate restriction as an effective and necessary measure,” Mölsä says.

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