Restrictions TS: The avi of Southern Finland is considering filing a criminal report for the interest rate restriction feedback it has received

According to Merja Ekqvist, the general manager of the Southern Finland, the restrictions of the spring did not provoke similar reactions.

Southern Finland the regional government agency (avi) is considering filing a criminal report for the feedback it receives, says Turku Sanomat.

Avi’s decision on Thursday to tighten interest rates in the Helsinki metropolitan area garnered a lot of feedback.

“Pretty hard feedback on whether to say so. It is in the report whether a criminal report is made,” Merja Ekqvist told the magazine.

The tone and scope of the feedback received surprised Ekqvist.

“A little surprising, as the same restrictions have been in place in the spring, however, but they didn’t provoke a similar reaction in the past,” Ekqvist said.

He did not want to comment on the content of the feedback to the magazine in more detail.

In particular, the decision spoke of restrictions on children’s and young people’s hobbies, which were interpreted as unnecessarily strict. Avi clarified the interpretation of the restrictions in a separate release on Friday.

“Children’s and young people’s activities can still be continued. Not quite as before, but on the condition that it is possible to keep safety distances in the hobby space,” Ekqvist said.



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