Restrictions The caterers were disappointed with the extended opening hours of just a few hours: “Frankly, it amazes”

Nutritionists said the easing of interest rate restrictions was halfway there.

Directly in other words, it is astonishing to have only a few hours of extensions to the opening hours of restaurants, ”comments the restaurateur of the Restaurant Triangle Joonas Keskinen fresh after the government’s Corona Coordination Working Group had announced at a news conference about small extensions to food restaurant opening hours.

At the moment, food restaurants are open until 5 pm and the doors must be closed until 6 pm From the beginning of February, restaurants will be open until 8 pm and the closing time will be 9 pm

“It feels like politicians are trying to show that they are making some decisions. However, those decisions are made at the expense of our industry. Entrepreneurs and employees become payers. ”

The central questions the significance of the epidemic in the fact that the dispensing ends at 8 pm instead of, for example, 10 pm. He estimates that it has no significance in the control of the epidemic. “But it matters a lot to our business and our employees.”

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“On Tuesday, we will start with these new restrictions, but it was a little unclear what will happen after February 15th. Until then, we are obviously in a loose log and waiting for the next press conference. ”

About HOK-Elanno regional director Satu Rytkönen says he is “absolutely disappointed” with the government’s Corona Coordination Group’s recent policy on restaurant restrictions.

“I am particularly upset on behalf of our employees, who have been living in uncertainty for a long time.”

Rytkönen says that extending the opening hours of the food restaurants until 11 pm would have been of great importance to operations and employees. “But these restrictions were insufficient.”

“And there were no relief from the opening hours of the drink-focused restaurants.”

Tourism- and the restaurant labor market organization Mara is on the same lines as restaurateurs.

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“Allowing a drink at 10pm and opening until 11pm would have allowed food restaurants to operate almost normally. It would also have made it possible for all laid-off workers to be called back to work, ”Mara said in a statement.

The organization intends to complain about the new restrictions to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

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