Restrictions The ban on dancing and singing ends in the evening, and the Helsinki bar opened its doors after months: “This day is expected like the moon rising”

The most enthusiastic loyal customers arrived at the bar immediately after two days.

Helsinki resident the opening of the karaoke bar on Friday afternoon is full of happy reunions from old friends. There is a sense of celebration in the air as the doors to the dim cup in the center open again as the corona restrictions ease.

“Welcome home,” greets Mann’s Street Gay Karaoke Bar Restaurant Manager Mikko Ikonen customers.

The first customer of the day arrived at the scene immediately after two days. Introduced as standard in the bar Mikko Sihvola says he was looking forward to the opening.

“Now it’s a really good feeling, I already got used to the fact that the places were closed at six. At that time, I had to wait for about getting to work at the bar, ”Sihvola describes the mood.

Restrictions on restaurants in Uusimaa will be eased on Friday night: restaurants will be allowed to drink alcohol until 10 pm, and the so-called ban on dancing and singing will end.

The government passed a decision to ease restaurant restrictions on Friday morning at an extraordinary government plenary session. The new restrictions will take effect today, Friday, at 6 p.m.

The first customer of the day, Mikko Sihvola, says that he has been part of the bar’s standard equipment for a little less than a year. He goes there in his own words whenever the place is open.

Mann’s Street the karaoke bar has been closed since February. According to Ikonen, the doors had to be closed, because a karaoke bar without the possibility of singing was not a working equation.

“Above all, however, we are a karaoke bar, so we had to close then. This day is expected like the moon rising, ”he says.

According to Ikonen, closing the months was difficult. All karaoke presenters and other staff were laid off, and rent had to be paid even when there was no income.

“Fortunately, the staff got other jobs, so I didn’t have to live with rice,” Ikonen says.

He says he understands the necessary restrictive measures, but wonders that it would have been easier for restaurants to maintain safety clearances and corona security.

“Now there have been a crowd in the parks with the darkest of clouds. In a restaurant, it’s easier to keep an eye on distances, for example. ”

Restaurant manager Mikko Ikonen is happy and waiting for the lifting of restrictions. He says he has already missed his regular customers.

Expectations for the evening are hopeful. When the karaoke from six, known as the attraction of the place, is opened, the first song will be performed by the considered karaoke presenter Tero.

The opening track was not yet known in the afternoon, but the plans of the next performer were clear. Ari-Pekka Soutela, A regular customer of Mann’s Street since 1998, says he has a choice of songs Ireen Sheerin Feuer.

“The program for the evening is happy mood, karaoke and meeting friends,” he says.

There are enough friends in the karaoke bar, as it seems as if all the bar’s regular customers know each other as well as the staff. The table party is growing even more, and speech is moving into politics.

“Cheers to the People’s Front Government,” Soutela wishes.

Karaoke is still empty in the afternoon. The first performances will be heard in the evening.

Icon says the coronation situation is still taken into account in the restaurant. Only 65 customers are admitted at a time, and handbags can be found both at the checkout and at the door.

While the celebration has been expected, he hopes that people will not go completely wild and forget the epidemic will continue. However, he says he misses the standard face of the bar.

“It is hoped that loyal customers will find back. It’s wonderful to see them again! ”



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