Restrictions Terraces are not as strict as restaurant interiors: you can even sing karaoke or play billiards on the terrace.

On the terrace, each guest must be provided with a seating at the table level. Otherwise, movement is freer than inside the restaurant.

Many crown restrictions on restaurant interiors do not extend to restaurant terraces.

There are no restrictions on the number of guests on the terraces, when the number of customers in food restaurants has been halved and in bars reduced to one third.

It was tweeted by a restaurateur Henri Alén on Monday.

The matter is confirmed by the head of the alcohol administration unit of the Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) Riku-Matti Lehikoinen.

“Yes, it is. Restrictions on customer seats apply indoors. However, there is an outdoor seating area for each customer, ”Lehikoinen explains.

Riku-Matti Lehikoinen, Head of the Alcohol Administration Unit of the Regional Administration of Southern Finland, at a press conference of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group on 6 October 2020 in Helsinki.­

Getting around not restricted outdoors in the same way as indoors. Inside restaurants, guests should stay at their own table with the exception of toilet or tobacco visits.

Instead, you can move around more freely on the terrace. Terrace karaoke or terrace dances could therefore be successful if other official regulations are complied with.

“Terrace billiards would also be possible, but then the table would have to be lifted out,” Lehikoinen says.

The example of billiards has not been taken from the wind, because according to Lehikoinen, Avila has been asked whether movement like playing billiards indoors is allowed.

The answer is no, because customers need to avoid extra movement inside.

Terrace the same opening hours and restrictions on the sale of alcohol as apply indoors.

Restaurants were able to open their doors across the country on Monday after six weeks of closure. However, restaurant opening hours have been limited in the worst areas of the coronavirus epidemic, such as Uusimaa.

In restricted areas, on-site restaurants may be open until midnight and eateries until 7 p.m. Alcohol service must end at restaurants at 5 p.m.

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