Restrictions STM, which has patrolled Uusimaa, thanks new metropolitan measures in the Helsinki metropolitan area – Prime Minister Marin to STT: Government does not prepare new national restrictions

Prime Minister Sanna Marin tells STT that there are no new nationwide interest rate restrictions in the permit.

Social- and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health Kirsi Varhila commends the actions announced by the Helsinki Metropolitan Corona Coordination Group on Friday. Whether they can curb the spread of the virus enough remains to be seen, he says.

“Highly anticipated and good that went on to do,” Varhila says of the announced actions.

Mixed social and health Ministry that Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) have patrolled the metropolitan area for measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Varhila, much now depends on how well citizens comply with the recommendations and restrictions. The development of the disease situation should be monitored for a couple of weeks before the effectiveness of the measures is known.

“It’s clear that for a week at least the numbers are still going up, but if they start to fall after that, then that’s probably what needs to be looked at first and then make an assessment of whether they are [toimet] have been sufficient, ”he says.

“In fact, it may well be enough if people follow these.”

The metropolitan area corona coordination group said on Friday of new restrictions on the coronavirus, recommendations and other actions.

The biggest new restriction is that indoor public events for more than 20 people in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) will be banned for three weeks starting next Monday.

In addition, the recreational activities of team and contact sports over the age of 20, which take place in indoor areas managed by cities, will also be suspended on 23 November. starting for three weeks. The number of clients in urban swimming pools will be limited, and high schools will switch to distance learning by age group at weekly intervals.

The Corona Coordination Group reported that the metropolitan area was entering a phase of the coronavirus epidemic. The spread phase is most severe on the three-stage scale of the epidemic. The steps are defined in the STM published in September in the action plan and are based on incidence rates.

This is how the Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (Coalition Party) told about the new restrictions on November 20:

Prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd) told BTI on Friday that the government is not preparing new nationwide restrictive measures to curb the corona epidemic, even though the metropolitan area has been reported to have entered an epidemic phase.

Marin said local and regional authorities have much of the power to fight the epidemic, and the epidemic will be fought within those powers.

“It is good that new measures are being introduced in Uusimaa. It remains to be seen whether they are sufficient. The government has recommended for the dissemination phase that, if necessary, public events and adult recreational activities could be abandoned altogether and public spaces could be closed. ”

The government is issued regions and municipalities with their own recommendation for baseline, acceleration, and diffusion. The Prime Minister hopes that the measures will be used adequately and with priority in the municipalities and regions.

Nationwide, restrictions apply to restaurant operations in Finland, for example. In addition, the government has previously said it is preparing changes to the Communicable Diseases Act and travel restrictions.

Marin points out that the regional approach has worked well, for example in the Vaasa Hospital District, which has succeeded in reversing the infections and exiting the spread phase with the restrictive measures announced at the beginning of October. During the summer and autumn, infection chains have been cut regionally, for example in Kuhmo, Jyväskylä and Mikkeli – although the situation in Southern Savonia has recently deteriorated again.

Marin estimates that the corona situation in Finland is more stable than in many other countries, but still worrying.

“We can’t think things are going well, but the conditions are in place for the disease to spread faster.”


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