Restrictions STM and THL propose to move to the next level of interest rate strategy in part of the country – Government to negotiate tomorrow

The government is negotiating to deal with the worsening corona situation on Wednesday.

Health and the Department of Welfare THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) propose to the government the transition to level two in line with the corona strategy. According to HS, the proposal concerns only some areas, at least Uusimaa.

The government will negotiate on corona management tomorrow, Wednesday. Thus, the government has not yet made a decision to move to level two of the interest rate strategy, but it is only a proposal.

It is not yet known what all the additional restrictions that THL’s and STM’s proposal to move to level two would mean in practice.

The board leader will meet as early as Tuesday evening to discuss how to proceed in the treatment of the worsening disease situation.

THL: n the Executive Director Markku Tervahaudan according to the ministry has asked THL for an assessment of the situation. The THL will issue an opinion on the matter, after which the ministry will make a proposal to the government.

“We have a draft right now, STM needs an epidemiological vision tomorrow. There are no names below in the paper yet, as the situation in the regions is constantly updating. This gives us an idea of ​​which areas or the whole country this should apply to, ”says Tervahauta.

According to Tar Grave, it is “pretty clear” that the Helsinki and Uusimaa region meets the criteria for a stricter corona strategy.

“It’s possible that more will come,” Tervahauta says.

STM: n undersecretary Kirsi Varhila described possible additional restrictions in Yle’s A-studio on Monday as follows:

“Moving to the second level would in practice mean that all measures in the proliferation phase would be introduced. All in all, it came with quite a number of new measures just today [maanantaina] entered into force by an amendment to the Communicable Diseases Act. It is now also possible to close business, private premises, gyms, public areas of shopping centers, etc. Likewise, the means of transport limit the number of passengers, ”Varhila said.

The actual decisions are made in the regions. The metropolitan fist of the metropolitan area flickered on Tuesdaythat, for example, private sports facilities may be closed in Uusimaa.

At the national level, areas are also recommended to make additional restrictions on children and young people, such as the suspension of leisure activities and the transfer of secondary schools to distance learning. Recently, in Uusimaa, regional decision-makers have moved in another direction: young people’s hobbies have been opened up to a limited extent and upper secondary schools and vocational training are moving to limited contact education.


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