Restrictions Restrictions on food restaurants will be relaxed, drinking will be allowed to last longer than three hours

STM also recommends easing restrictions on low-risk events.

The government is easing restrictions on food restaurants. From 1.2 onwards, food-intensive restaurants will have three hours more opening hours. Restaurants can be open until 21:00 and drinks are available until 20:00.

In beverage-focused restaurants, the restrictions remain the same, meaning it is possible to be open until 6 p.m.

In addition, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health intends to recommend a return to a closed cell for low-risk events, in which regional government agencies are instructed to use less restrictive measures than full barriers for cultural and sporting events such as theaters.

On Friday, STM will send a letter of guidance, which it hopes the municipalities and municipalities will take into account in the restrictions from the beginning of February.

Low-risk facilities include specialty stores, gyms, movie theaters, choir singing events, operas and concerts, seated mass concerts, and indoor sports stands.

Government a coronary ministerial working group announced the lifting of restrictions on Thursday night.

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In recent days, the government has had a strong political will to open restaurants as well as cultural events.

The government can decide on the restaurants themselves, but, for example, restrictions on sports activities and cultural facilities are decided by the regional government agencies.

One of the most difficult topics in the negotiations has been the continuation of the corona passport. The corona passport will remain on the ice until February 15, and the government is still preparing to change its role.

Working group is usually pulled by the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd), but he is on sick leave. The working group is chaired by the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Hanna Sarkkinen (left), who held Thursday’s meeting.

In addition to Sarkkinen, the department head will be present at the press conference Taneli Puumalainen from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and remotely the Head of Department Satu Koskela Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

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