Restrictions Police checked whether the restaurants complied with the restrictions: Two still had customers even though the restaurants were closed

Police recorded about ten notices or remarks.

Police issued about a dozen remarks or announcements during inspections of catering establishments. Inspections were carried out around the country.

Police scrutinized how restaurants, bars and takeaways complied with the stricter interest rate restrictions that came into effect on March 8th. Most of the restaurant business was closed for three weeks at the time due to a difficult corona situation. However, takeaway sales are still possible.

In all the nutrition shops have complied with the regulations very well, says the police inspector of the Police Board Ari Järvenpää.

“We are very pleased with how well these new restrictions have been met.”

A total of 2,600 transactions were inspected and very few comments were found, according to the release. Only one nutrition movement was reported.

The most common offenses were eating takeaway food either inside the point of sale or in its immediate vicinity, for example on a covered terrace.

There were customers in two places at the time of the inspection. In one of these movements, no corona instructions were visible.

The police measures were remarks concerning the departure of additional persons. An oral remark was given to the organizer.

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