Restrictions Mäkelänrinne and other sports hall swimming pools will open their doors on Tuesday – the city of Helsinki is also working to open its sports facilities immediately

Opening up to adults in the city’s swimming pools is also hampered by the fact that staff have been transferred to help with kindergartens, for example.

In Helsinki access to the swimming pool as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland informed on Friday to make a decision on Monday that will allow the reopening of various sports facilities for adults as well.

CEO of Urheiluhallit oy Pekka Laitinen says that the Mäkelänrinne and other swimming pools and gyms in the chain will open their doors on Tuesday.

“Yes, it seems like we’re getting our halls reopened. We are prepared for a wide range of options. ”

With regard to team sports and group sports, Laitinen says that on Monday we need to get to know more about what the decision says about them.

Also The city of Helsinki aims to allow adults to enter its swimming pools and other sports facilities on Tuesday.

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“Preparations have been made for this, and indoor sports facilities are already open to people under the age of 18,” says the director of culture and leisure vs. industry. Tarja Loikkanen.

Even the city can actually start operating only when Monday’s decision is ready and known in detail.

The aim is to get the city’s sports venues open, but Loikkanen cannot yet guarantee that everything will work as before. Some of the staff have been relocated to other parts of the city’s services, ie kindergartens and social and health services.

So now there is an urgent need for some replacement workers for sports facilities.

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