Restrictions Joint Last Minute Demonstration in Culture, Sports and Events Fills Senate Square Next Week

Sectors are calling for the closure of the closure and for legislation to be reformed in anticipation of future epidemics.

Culture-, the sports and events sector are organizing because of the coronary actions and foreclosure policies they perceive as unfair and unreasonable.

Last lock – doors open! The protest will be held on February 3 from 12 noon to 2 pm at the Senate Square and in front of the Government Castle.

All parties in the arts, culture, sports and other events, both authors and audiences, have been invited.

Industries are demanding that the current lockout facility end immediately so that perpetrators can get to work and the public at events, and that the lockout room be the last of its kind.

In the protest read the requirements of the cultural, sports and event industries, which employ more than 200,000 people.

In addition to ending closure, industries are calling for the restoration of business rights and for restrictive policy decisions to be transparent, predictable and informed. It is also a requirement that all sectors be treated equally and listened to, and that they receive adequate support for the management of the acute corona situation and the post-pandemic recovery program.

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Sectors are also demanding that legislation be reformed in anticipation of future epidemics so that a similar situation is never reached again.

“The plight of those in the sector is deep and despair and demands have not been understood. Cultural and eventuals have been deprived of the right to work and do business, citizens have the right to culture and assembly. Restrictive measures have violated constitutional rights. and that cultural facilities and events be opened in co-operation with the sectors: immediately, ”the organizers write in the event bulletin.

The event will feature speeches and presentations from various industries. Among other things, the docent of public law at the University of Helsinki will take the stage Pauli Rautiainen, musician-actor Reeta Vestman and the vocal ensemble Rajaton. The event is hosted by a musician Paula Vesala.

Parallel events are also organized in different parts of Finland.

The demonstration is a follow-up to the Mitta on tiles demonstration held in June at the Citizens’ Hall and in front of the Parliament House. According to police, it gathered about 1,500 participants at the scene. According to the event organizers, a total of about 3,500 participants were present.

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