Restrictions Indoor hobbies for children and young people for breaks, for private events for up to five outsiders: All this is recommended by the government’s corona group

The Coronation Ministerial Group recommends the introduction and continuation of strict restrictions at least until the end of January.

Government coronary ministerial group boat at its eight-hour meeting on Friday on new restrictions and recommendations to curb the worsening epidemic.

The government’s own decisions concern restaurants and internal border controls, but the government also makes recommendations to regional decision-makers on strict restrictions.

For all restaurants opening hours throughout the country are limited to 6 pm by a Government decree. The change is expected to be made next week. Currently, eateries can be opened with a corona pass until 8pm, other restaurants will be closed by 6pm.

Internal border control will be extended by a decision of the Government at least until the end of January.

Customer and participant facilities it is recommended to close and ban public events at least until the end of January. Any decisions on this will be made by the regional government agencies. Currently, the restrictions are already largely in place in Uusimaa and several other areas.

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Even for children and young people indoor hobbies are recommended to be stopped. If the regional administrations so decide, it would be a change from the status quo. At present, regional government agencies have allowed the use of indoor sports facilities for those born after 2003.

Low risk outdoor events can still be held as recommended by the government if close contacts can be avoided.

The government recommends people to work with a maximum of five non-family members for private indoor events. So this is not a regulation, but a recommendation.

For distance learning the government does not make a recommendation on the transition, as it is not necessary according to the Department of Health and Welfare.

for schoolchildren it is recommended to offer two home tests per week. If several infections are found in the teaching group, testing can be increased by a decision of the doctor responsible for infectious diseases, for example, 3 to 5 times a week.

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The whole school class may be a minister Krista Kiurun (sd) in a severe disease situation to quarantine if a single case of infection occurs.

FFP2 face masks expansion is recommended.

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