Restrictions In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the hobby activities of adult team and contact sports are suspended for three weeks

Restrictions on indoor recreational activities for adults in the metropolitan area will begin on Monday and continue for three weeks.

The metropolitan area On Friday, the corona coordination group issued new restrictions and recommendations due to the spread of the corona epidemic, some of which focus on adult recreational activities in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen for three weeks.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori according to the restrictions on the new measures are in practice regulations and “it is hoped that the recommendations will actually be followed”.

The indoor hobby activities for adult (over 20 years old) team and contact sports in the city will be suspended for three weeks from 23 November.

The new restrictions and recommendations therefore do not apply to junior indoor activities.

Matches, competitions or regional series between adult hobby teams will not be held during the same period.

Restrictions do not apply to national and group sport national team activities, Finnish-level or first division level competition activities and professional training aimed at international excellence.

Private operators are recommended to follow the same restrictions.

In addition, the Corona Coordination Group recommended that all adult hobbies be performed only in their own hobby group or team for the time being.

Sports federations now have to make their own recommendations and orders for their actions.

The floorball association said on Friday that in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District area, there will be a three-week break for adult hobby series from 23 November to 13 December. The matches of the men’s and women’s F-leagues, the men’s Divar and the men’s and women’s Finnish Cup will be played in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital districts, but without the audience during those three weeks.

The matches of the Men’s Finland Series and the Second Division are played normally when neither of the teams is from Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen.

According to the floorball association, the exercises can continue as before responsibly and in accordance with the instructions.

The Finnish Football Association announced that on weekends the Football Association’s series will normally be played in accordance with the regulations in force.

“During the weekend, we will make more detailed plans and they will be announced on Monday,” the Football Association’s competition director Pekka Soini said in a press release.

Private hall companies in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are responsible for a large part of the recreational and competitive activities of, for example, floorball and futsal.

CEO of Arena Center Oy Petteri Bergman said the company is adjusting its operations based on the recommendations of the Corona Coordination Group.

“Arena Center Oy will cancel the company’s own tournaments for the rest of the year and the halls’ hobby series will be suspended for three weeks. New dates are being sought for those matches. By the way, we have done a huge amount of our own efforts to be able to exercise safely, ”Bergman said.

According to Bergman, so far, individual hobby groups have announced that they will suspend their hobby activities.


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