Restrictions HS data: THL continues to recommend tougher restrictions – Board meets to consider restrictions on movement, decisions unlikely

The position of government parties on restrictions on movement is meager.

Government will meet today at Wednesday at 4 pm to discuss, among other things, restrictions on movement.

According to the HS, the attitude of the governing parties to restrict movement remains antidepressant, but no party considers restrictions to be ruled out.

According to government sources, the preconceived notion is that there are still no restrictions on movement restrictions, at least today.

In parties it is hoped that the restrictions currently in force will take effect.

It still looked like the beginning of the week, when, for example, Monday’s infection rate was the lowest Monday rate in two months.

On Wednesday 842 new infections were recorded again, which is the highest in the entire Corona period.

There is a strong dream among politicians that the country will get the situation right as it has so far.

This may not be the case with current restrictions such as restaurant closures, even if they have worked in the past.

The problem is that there is a viral variant in Finland, which, according to international examples, is clearly more difficult to control than the original coronavirus.

Very what plays a key role is what and in what tone the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) tells the government before negotiations.

HS reported last Tuesday The THL recommends that the government urgently begin preparing legislation to restrict outdoor movement.

According to the statement, restrictions must be introduced in the natural service and employment area surrounding the central municipality or municipalities of the hospital districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa and Southwest Finland.

HS said this week on Tuesday what kind of restrictions the government has been preparing for a long time.

HS: n according to the information, THL’s view has not been relaxed in any way, but at least before tonight, THL has also not said that restrictions on movement would have to be imposed.

The introduction of movement restrictions depends pretty much on how strongly THL urges the government to take the toughest action. The position of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is also known to be broadly the same as that of THL.

It is possible that the government will meet again on Thursday to make decisions in one direction or another.

However, it is suspected in the governing parties that Parliament would not even consider restrictions on movement necessary.

Parties however, views may change if the THL indicates that nothing will help now other than tough further action.

This time, the government may only end up tightening communications, such as recommending that people meet only a few people outside the family.

Wednesday at the meeting, the board’s agenda will also outline what kind of action should be in place at the end of march if no movement restrictions are introduced.

The government continues to assume that restaurants will open their doors with strict restrictions on March 29 and secondary schools will move back to contact teaching. Many doctors have felt that there is hardly any room for lifting restrictions at that time.

The government may also discuss the continuation of a full restaurant closure, although this is reportedly not on the agenda.

If the restrictions on movement were tentatively decided on Wednesday, it would take at least a day to prepare the explanatory memorandum to the bill. The restrictions would take effect early next week at the earliest.

Finland the coronavirus situation is increasingly fragmented. The growth of the number of infections in the whole country has slowed down somewhat. Now it is above all the problem of Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Turku.

If movement restrictions were introduced, they would target these areas and perhaps their immediate areas.

Restrictions on movement the key goal would be to tame the viral variant so that its power begins to clearly weaken.

In the view of the authorities, for example, the closure of shops would not be as effective as it would not in any way affect the central problem, namely the transmission virus spreading in homes and private events.

The police could still not determine how many people would gather inside the walls of their homes, but it could be missing if a larger group of members of different families were going towards, say, one address.

The restriction would also likely increase the social pressure to restrict one’s own movement.

Government The main concern is that if the infection rates remain the same and the toughest restrictions are not introduced, there will still be a lot of virus in traffic in Finland in the early summer.

Vaccines and other measures such as hygiene regulations at public events would be more powerful in the summer if infection rates fell sharply by the summer.

The summer situation is significantly affected by how much people reduce contacts now.

Now it seems pretty clear that, as in the spring, people are no longer willing to voluntarily reduce their mobility or jobs to assign people to telecommuting. If this is the case, the infections will not decrease.

“People still commit too much coronation sin. Restriction of movement is a really tough thing, and I don’t think anyone wants it if there are other options. And here it is, ”Hus’s chief physician Markku Mäkijärvi referred to the reduction of appointments in HS on Tuesday.

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