Restrictions HS data: Finland will open wide at the beginning of October if more than 80% of citizens have received two coronary vaccines at that time

Even before that, a scoring system may be introduced to open events more widely. It would be based on an estimate of the likelihood of a coronavirus infection at the event.

Of the current interest rate restrictions will be lifted and a new interest rate strategy will be introduced in early October if more than 80% of citizens have been vaccinated twice at that time.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, this policy is included in the new hybrid strategy for coronavirus management, which the Board is negotiating today at Thursday at Säätytalo.

The strategy has already been approved by the government’s sote ministerial working group, so it is likely to be tentatively approved.

The government is not yet discussing the actual implementation program of the strategy, but it is already clear from the strategy section when and on what grounds the new strategy will be implemented.

HS: n according to the data, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has estimated that the current broad-based strategy can be abandoned with vaccine coverage of 80-90%.

In practice, 90% coverage is difficult to achieve. The transition to the new strategy therefore depends on the willingness and speed with which citizens take vaccines and how they are obtained.

Life- and current measures will be in place during September, but restrictions will be introduced as little as possible unless hospitals start filling up with coronary patients.

The new strategy seeks to target corona measures only where outbreaks occur, ie in very small areas.

The government has also discussed that decisions on restaurant restrictions will be passed on to regional authorities. Today, restaurants are decided by the government nationwide. Other restrictions, with the exception of borders, are in practice left to the discretion of the regional authorities.

A change in restaurant restrictions would require changes to the Communicable Diseases Act. A decision to transfer restaurant restrictions to regional authorities has not yet been made.

Possibly even before October, a new scoring system may be introduced, which would allow events to be opened more widely, even in areas with a high rate of coronavirus.

According to HS, THL has developed a model in which different events are scored according to the likelihood of coronavirus infections.

The scoring has taken into account, among other things, the customer profile. This means that, for example, an opera or theater favored by a parent and a clientele that has already received two vaccines extensively is not considered as risky as, for example, large-scale indoor music events where the audience dances and speaks during a concert.

If scoring wants a hybrid strategy to be a sure help, it will likely require changes in the law. The THL and STM may make a recommendation on the matter, but the regional authorities will ultimately decide whether to comply with the recommendation.

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