Restrictions Elderly service centers are still closed in Helsinki: “The risk of infection at gatherings is not over”

The opening of operations will be reassessed in early May.

Service centers and the daytime closure for the elderly will continue for more than two weeks until May 16th. According to an earlier decision, the operation was closed until 30 April.

“The coronavirus situation in Helsinki is improving, but the risk of infection at the gatherings is not over yet. Therefore, we decided not to open a service center yet. The safety of our customers is very important to us, ”says the head of the southern service area Helena Venetvaara says in a city press release.

“We are also continuously assessing and monitoring the situation together with the municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area.”

For customers, who need support the most, alternative ways of communicating have been sought.

Day activities for the elderly are organized, for example, for people with memory over 65 who live at home. It is a preventive and rehabilitative activity that promotes the functioning, mental alertness and social relationships of older people.

The service centers are an open meeting place where leisure activities are organized for Helsinki’s pensioners and the unemployed. You can also visit them, for example, at the gym or get advice from a social counselor.

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