Restrictions All restaurants will be closed from tomorrow night, with ministers discussing the full closure of restaurants for the rest of the week

The government’s coron ministerial group decided on Friday to restrict restaurant opening hours. Coronation ministers will meet this week to consider a full closure of restaurants.

Government has amended the regulation restricting the activities of catering establishments due to the corona epidemic.

In the future, all restaurants will be closed at 6 pm The regulation on the opening hours of restaurants will enter into force on Wednesday and will remain in force until the end of January. Restrictions will be introduced in all areas of the corona epidemic. At present, the whole of Finland is a range.

Serving in all restaurants ends at 5 pm, and the restaurant is open to guests from 05:00 until 18:00. The restriction also applies to restaurants that do not serve alcoholic beverages.

The restrictions laid down in the regulation do not apply to staff restaurants or the sale of takeaway food to customers

In addition, restrictions on the use of the corona passport will be extended until the end of January. In practice, this means that the corona passport cannot be used as an alternative to regional restrictions.

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A full lockout of restaurants has also been featured in the government’s toolkit. According to the BTI, coronary ministers will meet this week to decide, among other things, whether preparations for the complete closure of restaurants should begin.

Government Coronation Ministerial Group decided on Friday including the restriction of restaurant opening hours.

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