Restrictions According to HS, there will be no changes to restaurant restrictions this week, according to Mara, the tightening would plunge the industry into worse

According to Timo Lapi, CEO of the restaurant industry interest group Mara, infections that have already occurred in the restaurant industry in St. Petersburg cannot be punished.

8.7. 20:21 | Updated 8.7. 21:27

Thursday Director of the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) Mika Salminen stated Ylen Aamun in an interviewthat the current increase in the number of infections may lead to restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants.

Vice Chairman of the Päijät-Häme Corona Co-operation Group, Chief Infectious Disease Ville Lehtinen HS, for its part, told HS that it was skeptical about whether the epidemic would be caught without tightening restaurant restrictions.

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According to HS data, there will be no changes to restaurant restrictions this week, but the situation is still open for next week.

Restaurant industry interest group Maran Timo Lappi is concerned about the idea of ​​stricter restrictions. According to him, the restaurant industry or its employees would no longer be able to withstand new restrictions.

Timo Lappi

“No restriction of restaurants can be a solution to the authorities’ failure to test football fans from St. Petersburg and control further infections,” says Lapland.

He refers to the European Football Championship game played in St. Petersburg in June, from which Finnish fans brought hundreds of coronavirus infections to Finland. Only in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district was a week ago found 316 Infection associated with tourists in St. Petersburg.

“If restaurant restrictions were to be tightened now, it would plunge the industry into even worse trouble,” says Lapland.

Finland coronavirus statistics are currently at a level that, according to Lapland, additional restrictions are out of the question.

According to him, there are currently so few people in hospital and intensive care that the situation cannot be compared to previous infection readings. In addition, the number of people who have already received coronavirus vaccination, he said, brings hope to the current situation and reduces severe forms of the disease.

On the contrary In Uusimaa, according to Lapland, restrictions should now be relaxed.

“We have estimated that due to the current restrictions, Uusimaa’s restaurants will lose 10 million euros in revenue per week,” says Lapland.

At the moment, in Uusimaa, the food shops must be closed no later than one in the morning and the drink must be stopped at midnight. Indoors, 75 per cent of customer seats are used in food restaurants and 50 per cent in on-premises restaurants.

Elsewhere in Finland, there are practically no restaurant restrictions.

According to Lapland, restrictions on opening hours and customer numbers particularly affect small beverage and food restaurants that do not have terraces at their disposal.

Coronavirus infections has recently been much noted in nutrition shops as well. According to THL’s Salminen, there have been relatively many exposures in pub- and bar-type restaurants.

According to Lapland, however, it is possible to do business in restaurants in a safe manner. He hopes that in all Finnish restaurants, both customers and staff will act responsibly so that the coronavirus situation does not get worse.

“We now expect everyone to follow the instructions. In each situation, the responsibility lies with each of us, ”says Lapland.

Correction 8.7.2021 at 21.26: The picture shows the restaurant Leblon, not the restaurant Merikerho.



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