Restrictions A Turku-based restaurateur announced that he would abandon interest rate restrictions and incite other restaurants to revolt – avin’s manager interprets as a marketing ploy

In Southwest Finland, there are currently restaurant restrictions in place during the spread of the epidemic.

Turku resident The owner of restaurant Ulja announced on Sunday on his Facebook page that he would no longer use all the corona restrictions in his restaurant. He was the first to talk about it Turku Sanomat.

“When one’s time is unjustifiably limited, ie arbitrarily, the business of companies is reached, the measure becomes full,” says the CEO Teuvo Kaupin in a signed update on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

According to the article, all corona restrictions will be removed from the restaurant next Saturday. On Monday, a second update was published on the restaurant’s website, challenging “all Finnish restaurants, etc. to remove all interest rate restrictions on Saturday, September 4, 2021”.

In connection with the decision, a seven-item list has been compiled, in which the decision is justified, among other things, by the fact that hospitals in Finland have not been overloaded due to the coronavirus and overall mortality has not increased.

HS did not reach the Merchant on Monday afternoon to comment on the writing.

Southwest Finland Director of the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) Heikki Mäki interprets the update as a marketing ploy.

“If I think about how responsibly our licensees act, then I find it a bit far-fetched for a person to risk their business by violating legislation or, in this case, a government decree,” Mäki says.

In Southwest Finland, there are currently restaurant restrictions in place during the spread of the epidemic. Drinking is allowed until 10 pm and restaurants must close their doors at 11 pm.

Restaurant restrictions are decided by the Government. In accordance with the temporary amendment to the Communicable Diseases Act, regional government agencies in their territories monitor that restaurants comply with applicable requirements and restrictions.

On the basis of supervision, the regional government agency may order the restaurateur to rectify his activities within a certain period of time and, in the most egregious violations, even order the restaurant to be closed for a maximum of one month. The regional government agency may request official assistance from the police for supervision.

Mäki says that for the time being, the Southwest Finland avi is waiting to see if there will be changes to the restaurant restrictions in Southwest Finland during the week.

“We have personal and location information, and it is a well-established practice for us to contact locations by phone, email or to make an appointment.”

The government will discuss the waiver of interest rate restrictions extensively this week. Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) said on Monday On Twitter, that definition of a two-meter safety distance is removed from infectious diseases.

According to HS data, the amendment to the law is being prepared as soon as possible so that it will be considered by Parliament when Parliament returns from the summer break next week.

Only According to Mäki’s estimates, there are more than 300 on-site restaurants in Turku. He states that in a society like Finland, the precondition for operating a business is based on self-monitoring and the trader’s own operations in accordance with legal regulations.

“It’s not based on the official being there to see if something happens.”

Mäki says that Southwest Finland has four alcohol inspectors who carry out control work.

“Even if I got the police to be everyone’s friends, at 11 o’clock we would have enough people for the four doors of the restaurant.”

The hill doesn’t want to speculate any more on what would happen if more restaurants decided to rebel against the restrictions at the same time.

“I assume that we have a hugely responsible industry that has borne a heavy burden and is operating in a harsh situation in accordance with the regulations. For example, Mara [Matkailu- ja ravintolapalvelut ry] has not embarked on such a fuss. Against that background, perhaps a little confused, I follow the activities of the entrepreneur and his motives. ”



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