Restrictions A quick test was queued in Kamppi on Friday, which opens the doors to the bar – Young partygoers say coron passport speeded up vaccination decision

At Kampintori, In the heart of Helsinki, a queue spanning the entire square meanders at half past eight on Friday. On a quick descent, about two hundred people queue up in a small white tent, where corona testers lined up in familiar white protective suits do their work.

The tent is owned by private laboratory operator A5 Laboratories and includes coronavirus antigen testing for € 25. The result is completed in 15 minutes, and with a negative result you can get to the bar if you don’t have a corona passport otherwise.

The queues on the tail are waiting their turn Sara Paul and Miisa Luostarinen have set out to celebrate graduation. They say they have suffered from coronary heart disease, but now it is more than six months since the positive result. Paul and Luostarinen do not have any vaccines yet.

“Because I got coronary, it was time to think about the vaccine. I’m not against the vaccine, but I’ve still wondered if the vaccine could cause any harm, ”Paul says.

Both Paul and Luostarinen say they now plan to take the vaccines when the sick Korona no longer guarantees a corona passport.

“Without it, nothing can be done anymore,” says Luostarinen.

Saman the idea of ​​sharing Mario Mikanpur, queuing at a competing test tent at Narinkkator. A company called 9 lives charges 79 euros for the corona test. The queue at Narinkkatori is considerably shorter than Kampintor, but even there a few dozen people are waiting for their turn.

Mikanpur is leaving to party with his friends and needs a negative test result to get to the bar. He says he plans to take the vaccinations now, but there are still weeks to go before the two doses provide protection.

“I have nothing against the coronary vaccine. I just haven’t come, I didn’t think this was going to be such a big deal. ”

The introduction of the Koronapass woke up to the fact that vaccination is worth taking, Mikanpur says.

“Yes, it has worked.”

Mario Mikanpur plans to take the vaccinations, but there are still weeks to go before the two-dose shelter will provide protection.

Although the bar can also be accessed with a negative test result, thus the number of people who have obtained a corona passport at the door is small. This is what the restaurant Rymy-Eetu’s cloakrooms say Afshin Hossini and Iiro Veck.

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“There have been some of them, but not even every night,” Hossini says.

In general, according to the doormen, asking for a corona passport has been painless. It has been somewhat confusing that in connection with the corona passport, Rymy-Eetus always asks for an identity card.

“Older people haven’t always been involved, and there may have been little complaint about it,” Veck says.

Afshin Hossini and Iiro Veck have hardly encountered any problems with checks on corona passports.

Helsinki nightlife still seems relatively peaceful after nine in the evening. However, there is already a queue of tens of meters in front of the nightclub Baarikärpänen in the sausage house.

Parties in their twenties dig their cell phones out of their pockets as they approach the doorman. One after another, passports are checked and the doors to nightlife open.

The cooperation seems to be going smoothly, but all sorts of tips have been seen in the last month and a half, says the restaurant CEO of NPG restaurants Mira Ritasmäki. NPG owns Bar Fly, Apollo and Maxine in Helsinki.

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According to Ritasmäki, since the introduction of the corona passport, attempts have been made to get to the bars by cheating. The most typical is to try inside with another person’s corona certificate.

Even more creative solutions have been seen. Ritasmäki says that last weekend a handwritten note was handed out to the doorman in Maxine that read “I have two vaccines. T. THL ”.

“It simply came to our notice then Mika Salminen”Ritasmäki laughs.

Situations, where the porter has to turn because of the customer ‘s missing passport, are often awkward, Ritasmäki says.

“After all, the customer isn’t usually that driven, and leave it right away to walk away. Yes, the customer usually goes a bit facial. ”

According to Ritasmäki, however, scam attempts have decreased in a few weeks.

About ten of the barflies who turn in with a false certificate or without a passport will be turned over in the evening, Ritasmäki says. When the corona passport was introduced in mid-October, about 300 customers had to be turned away from Maxine, for example.

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