Restaurants You can eat at the gas station in the evening, even though the restaurant is not: Teboil invited its customers to eat after the evening, which infuriates the restaurant industry

Service station chain Teboil’s some release has sparked discussion on Facebook. The restaurateur of Helsinki-based Pub Sirdie describes the publication as vulgar.

When restaurants close their doors in the evenings at 6 p.m., gas stations can continue to operate.

On Wednesday, January 12, the service station chain Teboil posted on Facebook update, where it welcomed customers to eat even after 6 p.m., as restaurant opening restrictions do not apply to gas stations.

“So check out our new list and station opening hours,” the publication said.

“You can also get perhaps the best burgers in Finland!”

Publication caused a heated debate on social media. For example, one commenter described the text published by Teboil as “rubbing shit on the face of small business owners”. The Helsinki-based restaurant Pub Sirdie also reacts to the publication on its own Facebook page.

“Many other places are allowed to operate completely freely, without any compulsion to do anything to improve the coronary situation,” Pub Sirdien in the publication it is said.

The article is part of the #now-all campaign, which aims to criticize government-imposed restaurant restrictions and show support for restaurants that suffer from the restrictions.

Pub Sirdien restaurateur and chairman of the board of the Majava Bar restaurant chain Mikko Vehmas considers Teboil’s original release to be thoughtless.

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“I thought the tone of the message was insidious: come on, come and eat for us when you can’t get anywhere else. Instead, Teboil could have written that, dear road users, you don’t have to drive hungry. Or thank God, drivers are allowed to come to eat while other restaurants are closed. ”

According to Vehmas, the purpose of the article published by Pub Sirdie is not to oppose the restaurant restrictions imposed by the government, but to show how awkward restaurant entrepreneurs are. He feels that restaurant restrictions imposed by the government and decisions on cost subsidies for restaurants are difficult to predict.

That’s why he also finds Teboil’s release tasteless.

“Adult, family workers don’t know when they’ll have a job next time. Why does an international listed company start fucking in such a situation? ”

Bridge At present, strict restaurant restrictions apply throughout Finland. Restaurants must close their doors at 6 pm and stop drinking at 5 pm The restrictions cannot be waived with a corona passport.

Opening restrictions do not apply to gas station restaurants and takeaway food. Service stations are subject to the same restrictions on liquor and customer seats as other restaurants.

Looser restrictions are based According to MTV News the report of the Committee on Social Affairs and Health for 2020. The report According to

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The report states that service stations and higher-risk restaurants should not be equated, as service station restaurants typically do little for a short time and there are usually few customers at night, making it easier to settle loosely.

Tuesday On January 18, Teboil edited its publication and apologized for the resentment it caused. However, the article corresponding to the original publication on Teboil Suonenjoki’s Facebook account is still public.

CEO of Teboil Suonenjoki Heidi Räsänen says the customers of the service station have been satisfied with the information.

“It’s important to tell customers what the situation is. Restrictions have changed a lot recently due to the growing number of corona cases. ”

Räsänen could not wait for the discussion about the upgrade of the service station chain. So far, there has been only one negative response to the publication of the Suonenjoki service station from a local restaurant entrepreneur.

“I don’t think we’d have an advantage over other restaurants. It didn’t even occur to me. ”

“Gas station operators are also restaurant entrepreneurs, and the Korona time has been difficult for us too.”

Gas stations Staying open in the evenings when the restaurants are closed has not affected the number of customers, Räsänen estimates. However, during the corona epidemic, takeaway food has been sold more than before.

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“Passers-by, travel workers and truckers come to pick us up.”

At the service station, the evenings are calm, Räsänen says. In the evenings, you can order à la carte dishes from the Suonenjoki Teboil as usual, as well as burgers from the restaurant chain Rolls and your own house.

The Koron Pass at Suonenjoki Teboil has not been used.

“They’re such quick visits when looking for food or coffee.”

Räsänen hopes that the restrictions will ease and that other entrepreneurs will be able to continue their normal activities. He thinks restaurants that sit in their own places could be open.

“However, the restrictions are in the hands of the wiser. Decision-makers have expert assessments of what are high-risk situations and what are not. ”

Vehmas suspects that Teboil’s message could dilute the original purpose of this separation if the entire nation is called to eat at gas stations.

“I definitely think heavy-duty drivers, for example, should be able to rest and eat at gas stations. That’s about safety. “

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