Restaurants Two new terraces will be opened in the center of Helsinki for the summer: Stockmann’s roof terrace will have three floors

The second summer terrace opens to the courtyard of the protected Separator 2.

Helsinki two new terrace restaurants will be established in the city center for the summer. A three-storey roof terrace will be opened for Stockmann and a summer terrace for Erottaja 2’s courtyard.

Stockmann’s terrace is scheduled to open during June and the Separator’s terrace during July. The roof terrace is located on Stockmann’s roof at the end of the Esplanade, on the corner of the Swedish Theater.

The separator’s terrace and club complex has seats for a total of 300 customers and Stockmann’s roof terrace for 170 people.

Restaurant companies Katang MGMT Oy and Nordic Restaurant & Event Services Oy are responsible for terrace projects.

Stockmann The opening hours of the Rooftop Miami terrace to be opened are not the CEO of Katang MGMT Oy Niko Tanhualan have not yet been confirmed. He says the restaurant is scheduled to open at noon and close on weekends from two in the morning.

The Garden of Babylon terrace will be opened in the courtyard of Separator 2 for the summer. In addition, the building will house the year-round cocktail club Club Babylon. The terrace is set to host gigs and pop-up restaurants during the summer.

Terrace restaurants is aimed specifically at 24-45 year olds, and Tanhuala promises in the release that the terraces will have a relaxed atmosphere and have fun at the end of the house.

For a long time, the property of Separator 2 served as a government office building. The protected property was sold in 2018 to American Blackrock fund giant, after which the premises were renovated and converted into restaurant and office space.

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