Restaurants The vegan restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in France for the first time

Restaurant Ona is the first French vegan restaurant to receive a Michelin star. The restaurant also received recognition for its sustainable practices.

French the vegan restaurant Ona has received a Michelin star, says The Guardian.

This is the first time a restaurant specializing in vegan food has been awarded a Michelin star in France.

Claire Valléen therefore, no animal ingredients are used at all, and the name Ona comes from the words origine non animale. The restaurant is located in Arès near Bordeaux.

According to a representative of the Michelin guide, a few other vegan restaurants in the world have received a Michelin star: Seven Swans from Frankfurt and Kajitsu from New York.

In addition to the usual Michelin star, Vallée received a green star. Green stars to reward environmentally responsible restaurants were introduced to the public last year.

Vegan the popularity of food has grown a lot in recent years. However, France has had a reputation as a difficult country for vegans.

There were difficulties in the early days of the restaurant: Vallée, for example, did not get a loan from the banks. The future prospects for veganism and herbal food were considered too uncertain, Vallée told AFP.

Eventually, the restaurant opened with a loan from a bank specializing in crowdfunding and ethical projects in 2016.

Ona has offered a monthly changing seven-course menu. The restaurant list there have been a wide variety of flavor combinations: for example, seaweed, lemongrass and galangal root, as well as celery, tonka bean and beer.


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