Restaurants The troubled Storyville restaurant raises funding through a share issue – an investment of 5,000 euros gets its name engraved on the wall

You can participate in the share issue with a minimum amount of one hundred euros. In return, VIP benefits are promised.

19.3. 13:07

In Helsinki The renowned Storyville restaurant, located on the corner of the Parliament House, is seeking more capital through a share issue. In this way, the restaurant aims to enable it to continue its operations. Storyville is especially known for jazz music.

The restaurant says in its press release that the corona pandemic has severely punished the restaurant industry and that a share issue is needed to overcome the crisis.

Restrictions on restaurants have eaten hard at the turnover and profitability of restaurants. During a pandemic, congestion should be avoided, and in normal times in Storyville, when the orchestra performed, it may have been very cramped.

About the share issue telling Storyville says he believes it will overcome its difficulties.

“There is certainly a pent-up demand for restaurant services after this long sitting at home. I believe that in the second half of the year we will get back on track again, ”says Storyville Oy’s founder Jorma Railonkoski in the bulletin.

You can already participate in the share issue for an amount of one hundred euros. VIP benefits are also promised against it.

“The larger the investment, the higher the holding, of course, but the VIP benefits will also improve. With an investment of 5,000 euros, you can already get your name engraved on the wall of Storyville, ”the company says.

An investment of EUR 5,000 brings a 0.5% stake in the restaurant.

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