Restaurants The company building the “kitchen blocks” is now expanding to Jätkäsaari: The same kitchen cooks dishes from well-known restaurant chains

We want to extend the shared kitchen model to the suburbs as well.

I eat Huuva, a startup company specializing in home delivery and building multi-restaurant kitchens, will expand to Jätkäsaari at the beginning of December. The company started operations in Tapiola in September and opened a new kitchen in Niittykumpu last week.

Huuva works in food delivery applications at Wolt and Foodora. In the kitchens of Huuva, dishes are made from several different restaurants, which means that you can order food from different restaurants with the same order.

There are three restaurant chains coming to Jätkäsaari’s kitchen: the vegetarian restaurant Green Hippo, the salad restaurant Pupu and the pizzeria Via Tribunali. Among other things, the Vietnamese restaurant Lie Mi is coming to Niittykumpu.

The “kitchen blocks” employ both the restaurants ’own chefs and the chefs on Huuva’s payroll, who make food for more restaurants.

Green Hippon entrepreneur William von der Pahlen believes that with a shared kitchen concept, a restaurant can improve the profitability of home delivery. Green Hippo had time to leave Wolt in the summer because, according to von der Pahlen, it was difficult to make home delivery profitable due to increased demand.

“At Wolt, sales peaks are at the same time as in restaurants. We would have needed more staff to meet the demand, ”says von der Pahlen.

In food sold through Wolt, margins are lower for the restaurant because Wolt takes its own commission from orders. Therefore, especially in busy times, it may not be profitable for restaurant chefs to place Wolt orders when the restaurant itself is full.

The restaurants at Green Hipon Kallio and Punavuori are also small in size.

“When Wolt drivers go there to pick up orders at a brisk pace, it breaks the serene restaurant atmosphere a bit,” von der Pahlen says.

Hood the CEO Ville Leppälä according to, there has been a desire to build “kitchen blocks” in places where they bring more options to the area’s restaurant offerings. For example, all the restaurants in Espoo that have now opened are in the city for the first time.

“Jätkäsaari, on the other hand, has expanded a lot as an area, but the restaurant offer is still in its infancy, even if you compare it to Punavuori,” says Leppälä.

The hood has plans to expand further. In addition to the city center, Leppälä sees opportunities in the suburbs, where it is often difficult to make restaurants profitable.

“Traditional restaurant operations are drastic in that they require large initial investments and often a commitment to a long lease. Virtual kitchens do not require this. ”

According to Von der Pahlen, it is at least theoretically possible that the activity that initially started as a mere home delivery could grow so that it would make sense to set up a physical restaurant in the area.

“Home delivery is a way to check in advance if there is a market in the area.”

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