Restaurants People on Helsinki’s terraces celebrate the return to normal: “Life has finally begun again”

From Thursday, the restaurants will also be open until midnight in Uusimaa.

Sunshine and Aperol Spritz were the theme of Thursday night on the terraces of Suvilahti beach. The restaurants were allowed to be open for more than half a night on Thursday for the first time in months, and the news was received with joy.

“Indeed, this is going to be a record summer. Now there is something to enjoy legally, ”declared the DJ who appeared on the terrace of the Leblon restaurant Jannica Tapanainen.

Friendships at Berivan Ceylon and Norah Hamad bar at the Marine Club counter.

The same was predicted by those sitting on the terrace of the adjacent Sea Club Nora Hamad and Beriwan Ceylan. They believe that people now have a new enthusiasm to celebrate after a long break.

“Most have been missed options. For example, being able to go out alone in the early evening, then dance and still go to the beach in the morning to enjoy a summer day, ”Hamad describes.

Seija Suomela arrived in the evening to enjoy the warmth of a summer evening on Leblon’s terrace.

Seven Tapanainen, who has worked as a dj for years, says that the Korona period was the best time of his life. There have also been more gigs than ever before, with the exception of the winter restaurant lockout.

“I’ve been really privileged to have had enough of a gig. This has also been a liberating time for creativity, ”he says.

DJs Emma Huttunen and Jannica Tapanainen played on Leblo’s terrace on Thursday night.

Tapanainen believes that Helsinki’s party culture has changed permanently with the Korona era. When there have been no gigs, even new artists have organized open air parties on low thresholds in parks, for example.

He also thinks people’s attitudes have changed, as free celebration is no longer taken for granted. According to Tapanainen’s observations, the new appreciation is reflected in the fact that there is now even more audience than before the corona.

“It’s just awesome that people can enjoy it and not have to go to house parties to spread the crown,” he says.

According to Sea Club bartender Anu Leppäharju, the most popular drink of the evening has been Aperol Spritz.

Merikerhon on the terrace started the evening Helmi Lötjönen and Juhana Kainulainen with friends say they were looking forward to a return to normal. While the pandemic is not over yet, summer has provided many with a taste of future freedom.

“Life has finally started again,” Lötjönen rejoices.

“This day, it has been expected that these restrictions will be lifted,” Kainulainen adds.

Santeri Huikari, Juhana Kainulainen, Jenna Nyländen and Helmi Lötjönen spend the evening on the terrace of the bar Merikerho.

Lötjönen says that he usually enjoys better at home parties, but the opportunity to celebrate until the morning hours also attracted him to the terrace.

“The winter was long and hard for the young people. Our lives are largely based on being able to do things, ”says Lötjönen.

Friendships have been most missed during the Korona era for meeting new people and feeling free. Today, however, Jenni Vartia is danced and possibly sung in karaoke.

People enjoy the sunshine on Leblon’s terrace in Meriha.



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