Restaurants “I’ll put the customer in shock,” Khaled Azizi said, and that phrase changed his life – now the Turku pizzeria is being wandered in the hope of “shock” from all over Finland.

Restaurant entrepreneur Khaled Azizi has exploded the popularity of his pizzeria with his Tiktok videos and has been nicknamed “Shocker”.

“Me I put the customer in shock, ”said the Turku-based entrepreneur Khaled Azizi In his Tiktok video last March – he had no idea yet that that sentence would soon change his life.

In the video, the customer says that he came from Vantaa to pick up Malmi kebab from Turku, Aziz and his brother’s restaurant, according to a portion. Azizi describes in a video how to make a huge dose of kebab and hand it over to a customer.



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