Restaurants Helsinki’s bars received information about the new restaurant restrictions mainly in good spirits: “Absolutely good thing”

According to the new guidelines, dispensing must be stopped in the spreading areas as early as 5 pm. Restrictions will be released if the restaurant requires a corona passport from customers.

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Restaurant At Eerik’s Corner in Helsinki’s Kamppi, there is still a calm atmosphere at six in the afternoon. Although the evening is only young, there will be no more visits to the bar in Helsinki next week at this time – if for some reason you have not obtained a corona passport.

Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) said on Thursday proposals for new restaurant restrictions, which will be officially decided by the government on Friday. The restaurant will soon be closing at 5pm and the doors will be closed from 6pm.

This applies to so-called spreading areas, ie areas where the coronavirus is worst. The restrictions will take effect at midnight on the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Restaurants are exempt from restrictions if they require a corona passport from their customers.

Junnu Kärkkäinen, who spent the evening at Eerik’s Corner, considers the restrictions necessary due to the epidemic situation.

Eerikin KulmaN introducing itself as a regular customer Junnu Kärkkäinen commends the new restrictions.

“Absolutely a good thing.”

Kärkkäinen thinks the restrictions are in place because the virus seems to be spreading too fast.

“Intensive care facilities are running out and heart surgeries are being postponed. It is essential to introduce new restrictions. “

Kärkkäinen does not have to stop going to his base bar, as he has a corona passport.

Currently, a passport is required at Eerik’s Corner after 10 p.m. Kärkkäinen has not noticed that the number of customers would collapse at that time.

Eerikin Kulma has agreed with the deputies of the karaoke leader Juha Saukkonen.

According to Juha Saukkonen, who took the place of karaoke chief at Eerikin Kulma, applying for a corona passport has not caused any problems.

“I don’t think asking for a passport has caused any problems.”

Restaurant In Britain they spend the evening in Kannelmäki Heikki Majava and Henri Kasurinen nor do they see strict restrictions as a problem when they are released with a corona passport.

“If it guarantees that you can move forward in this corona situation, that’s a good thing,” Kasurinen says.

Henri Kasurinen spent the evening in Kannelmäki in Britain.

The men are sitting at the next table Oskari Vuori and Beatrice Battistini are on the same lines. They look at it from the perspective of two cultures, as my Battist is from Italy.

“In Italy, the corona passport is in demand everywhere, including in the workplace. Fever is also measured in many places. Even in a bar like this in Britain, the heat would be measured at the door, ”says Battistini.

“We have often discussed at home how Finland is lagging behind Italy,” says Vuori.

In the second The Kannelpub, located on the Kannelmäke side, has a slightly narrower feel to the corona passport. Bar owner Amarjit Sandhu said earlier on Thursday to HS likely to introduce a corona passport now. However, Sandhu is previously told is concerned that a passport requirement would take a significant proportion of customers.

Kannelpub is not very willing to comment on the new restrictions. Timox however, the man presenting himself wants to say a word about it.

“I’ve been vaccinated myself, but I’m not in favor of introducing a passport because it’s about a business that is being restricted. I would like everyone to get vaccinated, but I know many who don’t have it. It’s just not interesting or close. ”

In the next room Enjoying beer at Kannel-Krouv Niko Siren in turn, it is worth a corona passport.

“I think it’s people’s own responsibility. If you don’t go to the vaccine, you won’t be able to get to the restaurant. ”

However, the restrictions are also a matter of concern in Sirén.

“I’m a restaurant chef myself. Yes, it worries that work will be interrupted again due to restrictions. ”

Niko Sirén is concerned about the effects of the restrictions on her work as a restaurant chef.

Correction 26.11.2021 at 6.14: The name of Niko Sirén, who was interviewed in the case, was misspelled in the text by Niko Silén.

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