Research funding Saarikko: Ministry of Education’s spending cuts in 2023 towards research funding – Finnish universities dismayed

The Minister of Science and Culture spoke about the allocation of the Ministry of Education’s EUR 35 million reductions at a university management seminar.

Finland universities are appalled by plans to target permanent spending cuts in science by the ministry of education and culture starting in 2023.

Unifi, the rector’s council of Finnish universities, says in a press release that the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) announced on Tuesday its plan to cut funding for science significantly.

It was not a question of the actual publication, but of the Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikon (central) speech at a seminar for the management of universities and research institutes on Tuesday morning. It was an invitation seminar.

Surgery According to Unif, the amount was not disclosed, but it estimates that in a frame dispute Most of OKM’s agreed cut of EUR 35 million is likely to be in science.

In the framework dispute, it was outlined that these expenditure cuts by the Ministry of Education and Science will not be targeted education and not social benefits.

In total, in 2023, the state finances will have expenditure savings of EUR 370 million.

“Of these savings, my own Minister of Science and Culture’s portfolio also includes a total of EUR 35 million in savings of just over EUR 4.5 billion. They are implemented in such a way that there is no cut in education or social benefits. This delimitation jointly agreed by the governing parties. It is a choice of values, ”Saarikko said in his speech on Tuesday.

“And yes, that means savings in funding for science,” Saarikko confirmed.

Finland universities were disappointed with the ministry’s policy, which they say undermines the international credibility of Finnish science.

Funding for scientific research, especially through the Academy of Finland, is the basis for the level of Finnish science, Unifi says, and hopes that “the ministry will find the wisdom to review plans”.

“The policy published today is completely in conflict with the objectives of the government program, the guidelines of the Finnish Roadmap and the Government’s education policy report,” says Unif’s chairman, rector Keijo Hämäläinen.

“Surgery plans don’t take into account the fact that the level of science in the world is constantly rising. The most talented students and researchers globally select the universities and countries with the best research teams and research conditions. In addition, Finland’s entire education system is based on researched knowledge, which is why cuts in research inevitably weaken the basis of education, ”says Hämäläinen.

The archipelago for its part, reminded university management that one of the key decisions of the mid-term review was the launch of parliamentary R&D work.

“Many have rightly asked why one more working group is needed – is there not already enough information and guidance? The issue is not a lack of understanding, but that we need to find a genuinely workable tool and operating model to ensure the research resources necessary for Finland’s renewal over election periods. It is first and foremost a matter of commitment, ”Saarikko said.

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