Rescue services In the metropolitan area, a beep sounds in the morning – It’s a test

Exceptionally, rescue services provide information on a routine experiment, ie testing of a population alert system.

4.3. 14:31 | Updated 8:36

On Monday exactly twelve will test the population alarm system in the same way as is customary every month.

However, the rescue services have announced the routine test separately on Friday so that people would not panic over the empty.

On Monday, the alarms will sound a test signal, or a steady sound lasting seven seconds. So it just means that the system works as it should.

Right in the event of an emergency, the alarms would sound a general alarm, with the sound alternately rising and falling for a minute. A warning could also be given by announcing.

In addition, the warning is always accompanied by a message that is read on the radio and, if necessary, also displayed on the television.

The functionality of the population alert system will be tested on the first Monday of each month at 12 noon, the Helsinki Rescue Department informs.

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