Republican Senators, Speak Out For U.S. Troops | Donald Trump

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Think about that if you’re a parent that has a son or a daughter in Afghanistan. And the commander in chief has Known for months that Vladimir Putin and the Russians have put a bounty on their head, to have them killed by Islamic militants and the president of the United States does absolutely nothing about it?


And it’s considered so serious that the national security council convenes in the march to consider sanctions or at least a diplomatic scolding. And trying to figure out what actions to take. And three months later, no Actions have yet to be taken.


Think about being the father or the mother of a child in Afghanistan. Or the husband or the wife, the spouse, who’s in Afghanistan. And this is considered so Serious that the CIA station Chief warned about it in Afghanistan.


That it was, quote, well known in Afghanistan that Vladimir Putin had put bounties on young Americans’ heads for Islamic militants to kill them and the President is doing nothing. This is considered so serious by Our intelligence agencies that they convene a meeting at the End of march, and Our government notifies the British government to warn them That there are also bounties on the heads of British soldiers From Vladimir Putin. And yet, this warning, the Whitehouse wants you to believe that despite the fact the CIA knew It, although the President’s own National Security council knew it, even though it was so Serious they convened a meeting in the march to consider a range of options to take against the Russian government and Vladimir Putin for putting bounties on the heads of young American Troops, despite the fact it was Considered so serious they Notified the British, think About this. You’re being told that they Notified the British government, but they didn’t even tell the President of the United States. I just ask, how stupid do they think you are?


And how low does the president Think he can take you, and his Supporters, in supporting a President who was told in a Presidential daily briefing Months ago, to the man that he called a friend of his in May, was putting bounties on the Heads of U.S. troops back in2019.


It is just Mind-blowing. And here’s the thing. It’s all going to come out. The truth is all going to come out. There are going to be people Testifying before congress, under oath, they’ve got the Presidential daily briefs. They have intel. It’s all going to come out. So, republican senators pick Sides. And there are only two sides to Pick here by the way. There are only two sides to pick Here. This isn’t about being a Democrat or Republican, a trump supporter or opponent.


You can pick the side of U.S. Troops or you can pick the side Of Vladimir Putin. There’s really, there’s no Gray Zone here. You can’t stick your head under the covers and rented that Donald Trump is going to go away. Because yes, he is. He’s going to get voted out. So, you think you can — NO, you Can’t hold on for six months. Speak out for our troops today.

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