Rents Rents rose by one per cent towards the end of the year, with rents rising the most in Turku

In Helsinki, rents for non-subsidized rental housing rose by 1.2 per cent and in the Greater Helsinki area by 1.3 per cent in the fourth quarter.

Non-funded rents for rental housing rose 1 percent in the fourth quarter of last year compared to the same period last year, he says Statistics Finland.

Rents rose the most in Turku, where rents rose by 1.6 per cent. Rents rose almost as much in Kerava (1.5 per cent) and in Espoo, Vantaa and Porvoo (1.4 per cent).

Rents rose by 1.2 per cent in Helsinki and by 1.3 per cent in the Greater Helsinki area.

The lowest growth was in Lahti and Jyväskylä, where it was 0.1–0.2 per cent.

Rental housing was the most expensive at the end of the year in Helsinki, where the average price level of non-subsidized rental housing was EUR 21.5 per square meter. The cheapest was in Kouvola, where you can get a square for half the price of Helsinki. The average price was EUR 10.9 per square meter.

Beyond According to Statistics Finland, in the long term, compared to 2015, non-subsidized rents have risen the most in Vantaa, Turku, Tampere and Helsinki.

The smallest increase in rents has been in Seinäjoki, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Kotka and Lahti.

Rents in the Greater Helsinki area have risen by more than eight per cent and in the rest of Finland by more than three per cent since 2015.


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